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Benefits of Electronic Document Management System

Large Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers accumulate large volume of quality and regulatory documents to complete every week. As a result the retrieval and storage of these documents can become increasingly problematic and costly. Between the documents required for process workflow, compliance, and auditing purposes, it can be difficult to track the necessary documents and records without an effective electronic document management software system in place.

Following are the benefits of Electronic Document Management Software that can provide to these organizations

Regulatory Compliance

The requirements for many compliance certifications can be complex for any organization. There are inevitable limitations with paper-based systems when it comes to driving compliance. If document management software in place, it empower companies to tick the boxes that demonstrate regulatory compliance, and with improved timelines, visibility and control. This document control system should be comply with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance, EU Annex 11, MHRA, GAMP, GMP and other regulatory standards.

Centralized Repository for all Documents

A single source of information greatly reduces the chance for error and eliminates misplaced documents. An electronic document management software streamlines the document control process and provides for easy storage and retrieval of files at any point of time. An automated electronic backup prevents lost documents and gives companies peace of mind that sensitive information is always protected.

Satisfies Document Retention Requirements

Many quality and compliance related documents or files are required to be retained for a defined period of time. Records or Document retention can be easily automated within a document management software. Organizations can also save on offsite storage costs and eliminate any time delay associated with accessing such records.

Provides a Complete Audit Trail

A comprehensive document record history is maintained within the EDMS application. The DMS System recognizes when a change occurs and documents who it was that made the change. All necessary documents for quality compliance are archived and can be immediately referenced during audit purposes. Advanced audit trail and activity email alerts and notifications help administrators, head of department and managers review all actions performed on any document in your document management application.

Enhanced Document Security

Maintaining documents becomes necessary to meet different requirements. Document can contain employee records, financial projections, banking records, product formulas, trade secrets, and other company confidential data. An electronic document management system can restrict users based on role, preventing any unauthorized access to confidential documents. But by putting a better document control and strategy in place, you can drastically increase the security of the system.

Automated Workflows

Business processes typically involve movement of documents from department to department inside the company, and from person to person in a department. Several personnel’s with different roles such as creation, review, approval, tracking and dispatch will have to reference the document before it completes its intended purpose. With an automated workflow reduces the time spent on day to day business activities and improves its accuracy and traceability. The time savings can be easily translated to cost savings in terms of labor cost and process cycle costs and time-to-market costs.

Enables Revision History

The ability to control the latest version of any document is important. Paper documentation and disparate applications can introduce multiple versions of the same document. Whenever a new version of a document becomes effective, then access to the old version is not accessible by the particular department. This EDMS System will allow the users to access and work on the latest version of the document.

We understand the importance of keeping your documents secure and safe. AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical Document Management Software enable companies to seamlessly create, manage, organize, track, deliver and archive documents in a compliant, efficient and intuitive manner. A document tracking system saves valuable time and money by increasing departmental efficiencies.

With these key benefits of electronic document management system, you should be able to make the right choice for your businesses. Begin the process of better document control and Contact AmpleLogic today for a demo of its document management capabilities

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