AD Self Service Tool

AD Self Service

Amplelogic, Active Directory(AD) Self Help tool is a highly secure and reliable tool with security measures that keeps the data secured. AD Self Service security feature in our tool allows two level data encryption and also supports windows and external SSL certificates. Loaded with several beneficial features this free Active Directory Self Manage tool gets great value to the organizations.

True Identification with Active Directory Self Service Mobile Integration

Active Directory Self help tool is web based solution which allows user to reset their password, unlock account, change password and many others. While it is very simple for the user to access the solution from their computer and there arises a question of true identity. This active directory self help tool uses two way true authentication of the user accessing the solution. The first way of identification is from mobile through identification code. Secondly the identification can be verified by a set of Q&A. The received identification upon entering correctly will give access to the AD Self help reset/ unlock features.

Active Directory Self Reset Password

Reset AD Password by End User is a note worthy feature with immense benefits for an organization. In any organization there will be numerous helpdesk requests for password resets. Need to maintain expensive 24 X7 Support. As the requests increase so is the waiting for resolving each issue increases because of Help Desk limitations results in loss of productivity as the employee is unable to access the computer.

With AmpleLogic AD Self service Tool, active directory self reset password tool, any user in an organization can self reset their password using an easy-to-use web based approach. There is no need for calling any Help desk as the entire self reset can be done right from the user desktop within few minutes.

So make a right choice by Requesting for a demo on Active Directory Self service, A Simple Active Directory Self Help Tool and start minimizing Help Desk costs.

Active Directory Unlock Account

Active Directory Account Self Unlock feature helps unlocking the account by end user. Often we are in a situation where our account gets locked because of wrong password attempts. It is a critical situation when the work gets stopped just because of an account lock. Active Directory Self Help tool allows user to unlock their account right from their computer without calling any Helpdesk or IT support.

The AD Self Unlock feature from active directory self reset tool also comes with real-time reports. These reports give stats about the unlocked accounts across the organization and provide them in an easy to understand graphical format.

Active Directory Change Password

AD Password change feature allows the user to change their active directory password as per the organization password policy.

Amplelogic AD Self Service tool, allows user to change their AD password whenever they would like to. Since user can change their password at their convenience and with its tracking ability it is very helpful for Admin to keep track or manage all Active Directory password changes. Besides this Active Directory Helpdesk Tool there has in-built features that provide real-time reports and status about the password changes by users within the Active Directory.

Active Directory Profile Update

Active Directory Profile Self Update feature eases the Active Directory User Management. It allows the AD User to update the AD profile information like mobile no, work phone no on need basis.Often at times it is very difficult to keep track of the employee profile updates. Administrator can enable or disable allowed fields. Every profile has basic information of the user which is available within the Active Directory. This active directory self help tool provides this Profile Update feature with which the user can self update their information at their convenience from their computer.

Active Directory Self Service Reports

Active Directory Self Service Reports feature provides user friendly Graphical reports on Active Directory usage helps in tracking and process improvement. AD Administrator works on numerous requests at the same time but it would be an advantage for Active Directory Administrator to understand the status or trend of these requests through creative and information Reports. This Active Directory Reset tool provides Reports which primarily give information about the statistics or account status over a given period. This includes password reset or account unlock requests Report for the day, self password resets or self account unlocks completed for the day. Besides Reports AD Self Service gives a graphical representation of tracking i.e. the current status of resets and unlocks across the organization.

Advanced Active Directory Service Search

Advanced Active Directory Service Search feature helps administrator in finding the AD Self Service usage on daily, monthly and yearly basis. Any organization whether small, medium and big has employees across various departments from all levels. We did understand how important it is to search for an employee and even value the significance of your time to make that information available at your finger tips. ADSelfSet, an active directory self help tool provides search capabilities to search for all employees within the organization. With this advanced employee search feature it is very easy for Admin to get to know the frequent AD user requirements. AD Self Service search criteria has been thoughtfully designed to get the results with very few options.

AD Self Service – Password Helper

Today what is of more concern is the password security and as part of that a stronger password always provides a better security than a simple one. Besides the growing concerns are demanding various compliance requirements for the password. This free Active Directory Self Manage tool puts the compliance worries at rest by allowing Admin to manage the way password can be set by the users. So the users are able to set their passwords with highly secured standards. The password criteria options provided within this Active Directory Self Manage tool makes it robust and drives an organization towards hassle free compliance.