by Shiva Kumar January 11, 2024

Quality audits specifically examine how well product designs and processes meet specified standards and regulatory compliances. They are performed periodically by internal people

by Shiva Kumar December 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of regulated industries such as life sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, gene therapy and medical devices; the demand for cutting-edge technology

by Shiva Kumar December 6, 2023

Clinical trials are crucial for advancing medical research, but ensuring their integrity and adherence to ethical guidelines is paramount. Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

by Shiva Kumar November 17, 2023

The complexities of quality improvement within the pharmaceutical realm present a tough challenge. As the healthcare landscape evolves, aligning industry shifts across diverse

by Shiva Kumar November 1, 2023

Maintaining strict quality standards, efficient processes, and compliance with regulatory requirements is paramount in the highly regulated and complex pharmaceutical industry. Document control

by Shiva Kumar October 14, 2023

Data integrity reaffirms the pharmaceutical industry’s commitment to manufacturing safe, effective drugs that satisfy quality standards. Simultaneously, data integrity is a vital tool

by Shiva Kumar August 28, 2023

This article provides a clear insight into the significance of data integrity within the framework of current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) for pharmaceuticals,

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