Back Order Management Automation

Microsoft Office’s Excel spreadsheet software is one of the solution that helps in managing the Supply chain planning and Tracking.

People like Excel because it is flexible and can represent information visually. Most people are visual thinkers and want to see information that supports daily decisions. Excel is the number one software for planning in business.

The decision making using Excel sorts very fast. You can sort a table of demand data by product code and date in an instant

The problems of using spreadsheets badly are widely known.

Amplelogic SCM Spreadsheet Software

A move towards advanced planning solution by keeping the excel with much more control on data

  • Amplelogic SCM Spreadsheet keeps the user experience same like the current Excel they follow or downloaded from ERP.
  • Allows the Sales team to submit the product wise demand for the Year month wise.
  • Consolidation will be done and the data will be segregated based on the Plant.
  • The Production planning Team will get the data specific to their Plant/Unit. The commit will be done for the entire year.
  • Once the commit and Demand numbers accepted by both the Sales and planning team, The Plant team will enter the supply month wise.
  • Every month sales team can change the demand of subsequent months, At the same time Planning/Production Team.
  • Master data management Product Codes and it’s mapping to plants allows the users to access their plant specific data only. Data Repetition is reduced.
  • Sorting Product wise, Value wise and Quantity wise helps in easy adjustments.
  • Variance in Commit Vs Supply and Demand Vs Commit will be auto generated