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Benefits of Low-Code No-Code Application Development Platform

Before explaining the benefits of Low-Code Application Development or No Code App Development Platform, let’s first understand the problems with the traditional method of application development. The traditional process includes an enormous amount of coding, involves interrupted maintenance and has bugs that need to be found and fixed.

A new update in any application (either for web or for mobile) means the old code has to be adapted, more code means more places for bugs to hide which leads to extended checkouts or outcomes.  Every single original line of code must be debugged, code that has to be read understood and supported.

Code based application production process involves business analysts, technical experts, database administrator, UX/UI developers, many developers to code, testers and project manager and all that code they add to the system, while expanding its capability, also increases a whole basket of costs.

This process takes more time from original requirements to a deployed application, through inadequate ability to collaborate, often results in an unsatisfactory final product. For making more code requires more developers, which is a never-ending process in application development life-cycle.


With the traditional approach, the problem is that a person is not able to really change the functionality or a feature easily, especially when the coding language is unknown. Every time coding will consume a lot of time and an increase in costs to the organization. To avoid these things and to get satisfactory results no code platform comes as a rescue to organizations to shorten time, cost and to increase productivity in application development.

A Low-Code No-Code (LCNC( Application Development Platform is a hassle-free application development process that uses a visual development environment to let users create applications without any need of prior knowledge on coding to create apps, through its powerful tools such as drag-and-drop, adding application components to create a complete application.

Definition of Low Code No Code (LCNC) application development platform simply states that fewer people are required to build an application with the no-code platform. The visual platform is successful in making different applications with different modules and guarantees the success because the developer and the client who needs the app can work and discuss together due to the common language and collaboration ability that no code development platform provides. No code simply provides configurable application software.

This process results in 70% fewer resources means applications can be delivered eight times faster than the traditional development. It’s not only about developing faster but about delivering the desired application of business, shortening time to value.

Not everyone wants to spend the kind of money and time it takes to implement new or re-code existing enterprise software each phase your business requires change, so here are the benefits of no code application development platform software:

Low-Code No-Code Application (LCNC Development) Platform

  • Quick- Because the LCNC Platform is constructed visually using pre-built modules, it’s quicker to build apps which helps organizations to be swifter. The whole process along with automated testing grazes the time spent on app development which allows it to start working, rather than preparing to work.


  • Cost Effective- Talented developers need costs high for coding and recoding, but the low code no code platform provides a way to bypass that by taking away a lot of the overhead cost that comes with necessitating a skilled team of developers in the life cycle. Also, because apps can be built that much faster with fewer resources it becomes cheaper in the long run.
  • Increased Productivity– Supple organizations and cost-effective development mean low-code no-code apps can be built at a much faster pace because the developer team is not burdened by requirements from other departments which turns in increased productivity. Pre-built modules don’t offer long waiting list of application development and can be said as what inured months for single application development and maintenance, can now be done in a matter of hours and days.
  • Configurable- A low code no-code drag and drop feature which simply configures the application like if a person needs to change something or any feature in an app after development then he/she can change on its own without the help of a developer and can implement the change in a matter of hours.

Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) Application Development Platforms simply transforms the application development process easier and with business demand for custom applications expanding, it’s clear that traditional development approaches simply can’t keep pace.

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