#Amongst Top 10 Global Software Solution Providers for Lifesciences Industry

Leader In Integrated Quality Solutions since 13 years

With proven track record of 13+ years, offering integrated quality solutions to the Lifesciences industry, we are a globally trusted brand, preferred by 100+ customers for our speed of delpoyment.

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Using next-generation ‘Low Code No Code (LCNC) Platform’ technology, AmpleLogic develops IT solutions for companies that enable them re-imagine their business – digitalize, automate, and simplify their manual paper-based operations to become more efficient.
Today AmpleLogic owns 18+ COTS Products that are in compliance with regulatory requirements including USFDA (Food and Drug Administration), 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, EU Annex 11, GMP, GAMP, and ISO and continuously investing in launching minimum 2 products in a year.








Paramita Sarkar is Vice President- Scientific Affairs, OCuSOFT
Paramita Sarkar Vice President, OCuSOFT

“AmpleLogic understood the limitations we had as a growing organization. With the budget constraints we had, we couldn’t have been able to find a better, flexible and customisable partner than AmpleLogic.”

Georges Ibrahim Chief Quality Officer, Julphar
Georges Ibrahim Chief Quality Officer, Julphar

“AmpleLogic’s QMS application has higher level of transparency and efficacy. It has helped us in tracking day to day quality processes to manage huge information and data and also have transparency in managing complaints.”

Om Prakash Sule, VP, Central Quality Head, Windlas Biotech
Om Prakash Sule Vice President, Windlas Biotech

“Windlas Biotech is committed for transparent QMS and other records. This is the reason we opted for part 11 compliant partner AmpleLogic. Great contribution by AmpleLogic team to make it Live in shortest possible time.”

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