Chemical Management Software

The studies show that the total cost of the chemical after completion of its life cycle is more than the actual cost of the chemical in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulated environment. This cost includes inventory management, regulatory compliance and disposal.

The usage of chemicals is optimized with AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software which helps in reducing the extra cost in pharma and biotech companies.

Industrial Challenges:

  • Maintaining the records and to check the availability of the chemical.
  • Keeping the track on expiry date of the product.
  • Due to present manual status approval process, there is delay in the decision making and the reduction in productivity.

AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software Features:

  • System generates auto-alert notification once quantity goes below predefined limit.
  • System restricts two bookings at the same time for the same chemical.
  • Traceability on the usage or booking of the chemical with printable reports.
  • Regular update of available quantity based upon the usage done.
  • Auto notification is generated 30 or 45 days prior to the date of expiry of chemical to alert, date and the days can be customized.
  • Expiry notifications are intimated when the chemical is completed or expired.
  • System generates standard barcode based on the product, which has unique number for each and every chemical.
  • Provision to attach the files containing the product details, batch number/lot number and defined storage conditions.


  • Reducing the wastage due to random usage of chemicals can be restricted thus, improving the productivity.
  • Avoiding the unintended usage of the expired chemicals.
  • With the help of reports generated by system, the decision making process quickens.
  • It also offers ease of reporting and summarizing, for stock and inventory control.

AmpleLogic Chemical Management Module is executed either in phase wise or full version. The implementation process can be done just in 2 Weeks through a 100% validated system with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.