Document Tracking System for Business to Succeed

In the beginning, many companies used to manage their documents manually with a mixture of papers, spreadsheets and file cabinet storage systems. As the company grows and with it’s the volume of information and File storage will also grow. The process of manual document management will be slow, time-consuming, prone to errors, missing documents and cumbersome. Furthermore, it does not support the complex regulatory requirements and policies of its organization which an automated File Tracking system can do.

Due to the inconsistent filing, it will create a number of problems as well as more documents to be managed in the same way. The non-uniform data information forces users to look for information in multiple systems across the enterprise.

Few more challenges are:-

  • Workflow processes are confusing, nobody knows where is the File at the moment and who is processing it
  • Wrongly filed or lost documents can cause considerable costs
  • Multiple filings and distribution of File copies can cause high paper costs and printing costs
  • Change control and versions of documents are hardly possible
  • Employees create their own file structures in which his subordinates or other users cannot find their way path
  • Monitoring the progress and status of an individual File is difficult to trace out

In order to solve all these problems, some of the regulatory bodies made mandatory to implement an Electronic Document Tracking system which helps to track, store and manage document in a digital format across the organization

Implementing document tracking system is critical for any business to succeed in this competitive markets and also – it controls your documents, secures your communication and ease of sharing documents with distributed teams, increases your productivity, reducing business risk and radically speeds up your operational workflows as well as meeting compliance standards

While evaluating or searching for any document tracking system, below are some of the features to be contained


  • Store, search and retrieve documents
  • Document Security
  • User access and permissions
  • Store all type of document formats
  • Workflow configuration
  • Email alerts, notifications, and escalations
  • Track and manage version controls
  • Integrations and Multi-language support
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Audit trails, electronic signatures, and password authentications
  • Role-based permissions
  • Customization as per client requirements

AmpleLogic Document Tracking System Solution enables you to comply with stipulated high-quality industry standards and also meet complex requirements of ‘Goods Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP). This Document Management and Tracking system emerged as a way to convert paper-based documents to digital documents also it’s a way to automate the existing manual processes that make an important part of a digital transformation for any organization

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