Employee Active Monitoring

Employees are given freedom to use company’s resources to deliver better results. But many a time’s employees tend to use these official resources for personal use or just spend time watching unnecessary content on internet.

Employees are more involved in accessing social media websites from the computer which has a serious effect on employee productivity. To improve the productivity there should be a mechanism in understanding whether these distractions are normal or excessive by monitoring their activities.
AmpleLogic’s “Employee Activity Monitoring Tool” is an easy to use and easy to install employee monitoring tool which allows employer to monitor the application and web usage of an employee in the computers within the organization. It gives a live report of the applications and webpages accessed by the employee from any computer along with the productive and unproductive hours of an employee.
A unique feature of tool is the “Screenshots” which makes it possible for the employer to see what exactly the employee is doing on the computer by capturing everything that’s visible on the screen. It allows the employer to set the frequency and the number of screenshots to be taken across all users.
“Intelligent Report” feature of the tool gives a complete report of the employee activity of what was accessed, when was it accessed and where was it accessed for specified time period. Reports can be generated employee wise, group wise and category wise for both desktop based and web based applications separately.
Employee Activity Monitoring Tool is capable of monitoring inactivity of the employee, employer can know the idle time if an employee stays for a while on a single website. It also helps in tracking how much time employees devote to their work by generating report on lock time and unlock time of the employee’s computer.
Employer is allowed to set deviation rules for employees pertaining to application and websites. And report of these deviations can be generated on a regular basis along with screenshots.
Having a system in place that can clearly record employee activities will help decision maker’s identify the outliers, plan effectively their resources and ensure that employees are engaged in productive tasks.