HPLC Columns Usage Tracking

HPLC Columns may be either an expensive consumable item, or the least expensive component of your HPLC system to replace, but regardless of the cost, they are the most critical component as far as the analysis goes. Currently the analyst doesn’t know what solvents are currently in the column, any buffers in the column and the samples went through the column to ensure it is not contaminated.

AmpleLogic HPLC Column Management offers users to create an inventory of their HPLC columns. Each column listed in the inventory has its own record card for details, performance and history. In addition, related record cards display details on column care, validation tests, storage conditions and restrictions on use.

The benefits offered are the column location, added benefits automated reminders and warnings on the Columns usage or early life. It also offers ease of reporting and summarizing, for stock and inventory control