Budgeting Software

Budgeting Software – Finance and Budgeting is a complex, time-consuming, multi-department dependent, cost center dependent, location dependent and increasing the number of excel spreadsheets for some critical data capturing.

The financial team relies predominantly on excel spreadsheets to manage the company’s budgeting and expenses process with respect to production planning across different locations.

The finance team has to manually create, develop, distribute and collect the budget & expenses information from users department wise, region and location wise i.e, (Financial aid, Headcount details, Production and Non Production annual budget, Expenses reporting, SKU wise production sheets, BPC expenses etc.) and consolidate them into excel sheets.

The development of financial reports (Overhead expenses, Inventory, Cash flow, Detailed summary sheets of production, Region expense, Budget, Actual and variance sheets, Monthly, quarterly or yearly expense reports, etc.) at the month end closing becomes time-consuming process and prone to human errors. Manual intervention to collect and format reports and then resolving the issues results in a delay to produce proper decision-making reports to the management.

AmpleLogic Budgeting & Expenses Solution

  • Cost effective solution for Finance & business Budgeting software with one single source of truth on a seamless platform.
  • Auto triggering emails alerts to initiate and perform tasks and for pending tasks against the data.
  • Centralized web-based budgeting & expenses solution that has replaced complex excel spreadsheets result in a reduction of human errors and increase in invisibility.
  • Use drag and drop options to map out easily and automate the entire budgeting cycle.
  • View the status of any user or close the task at any time from anywhere with complete audit trails.
  • Automatically sends updates, scheduled reports, and approval or rejection requests to those who need.
  • Role-based permissions can strictly restrict access to specific information to the assigned user.
  • All the changes are tracked, and every field changes are available in the database with activity time stamping, electronic signatures, etc.

Benefits Results of business Budgeting Software

  • Ability to track, view, analyze and compare with previous years data, which helps to make better decisions.
  • Can create any customized reports in real time to meet the needs of key stakeholders in an organization.
  • Previously for our clients under the manual process, month end reporting took 2 to 3 weeks to execute, which can be done in less than an hour.
  • Increase efficiency, time savings and no dependency on IT resources.
  • Can have insights view of various expenses based department wise, regions wise and plant wise.
  • Monitoring the entire workflow from a bottom-up line.
  • Allows you to predict the future requirements accurately and easily so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Multiple plant status can be tracked, and data capturing is validated at the entry level itself to avoid data inconsistency and to get error-free estimates, actuals.
  • Budgets vs actuals are dynamic, and comparison can be done with the historical data of What if analysis.
  • What if analysis andbudget forecasting under different conditions can be done based on user strategies, formulas with historical big data or last 3 to 4 years budget vs actual analysis as input.
  • Work online or offline. Local data can sync with the server data once the changes are done.
  • Integrated with active directory, full control of leakage of data outside the world.
Budgeting Software
Best Budgeting Software at AmpleLogic
Budgeting Solution
Best Budgeting Solution at AmpleLogic