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Plants that are easy to maintain are required in the life sciences industry. All machinery must be kept in proper working condition to avoid creating unnecessary waste. All plants should be able to reduce their energy consumption and emissions to an acceptable level. Additionally, environmental regulations must be met for the processes to be effective and in operation at all times.

An organization may better manage its equipment with the aid of plant engineering process automation. Every piece of equipment will run more efficiently and safely as a result of the automation initiative, which also assures consistency. Additionally, the work prevents pollution, allowing a facility to maintain its environmental friendliness.

In the pharmaceutical and life science industry, the bulk manufacturing process might include batch and mass production operations. As a result, various energy-generating elements are used in the manufacturing process. These elements include boilers, chillers, and sewage treatment systems. All materials have the potential to emit greenhouse gases and consume a significant amount of energy, water, fuel, and power. The environmental damage could be severe.

The materials utilized by plants, as well as the emissions generated, will differ depending on the piece of equipment. Even though the operating method is the same for all items, these points might differ.

Excel spreadsheets have historically been used to compile information on how much energy and emissions are produced by various household appliances. Many third-party platforms are used to gauge the equipment’s performance. As a result, people have a difficult time managing all the data they collect. There is also a chance that some of the data is incorrect in some way. Additionally, dealing with so many Excel templates can be difficult when dealing with such a large quantity of data in such a short period.

Everything from energy consumption statistics to how much fuel is burned, utility efficiency, water use levels, and information on any extra equipment can be included in the analysis process. Regular updates are required, and follow-up calls to assess how well a platform is operating may also be required.

AmpleLogic Automation Solution Approach

With AmpleLogic, energy data is handled digitally in all facilities. All data from all plants and areas could be sent to a single spreadsheet over an internet network via AmpleLogic’s system. As all data is consolidated in one space, the reporting process will be simplified. Third-party integrations can also be supported on the website to aid in the recording of operational data. You may better organize your process and settings with the aid of the design.

  • All regulatory criteria, including the 21 CFR Part 11 system, are met by the AmpleLogic Energy Consumption Tracking Solution. The automated procedure guarantees that all regulatory activities are properly supported
  • Energy use data can be compared to product information to help you manage your expenditures
  • The AmpleLogic system’s insights will assist you in making better decisions and managing issues related to a wide range of work standards
  • To assist departments, you may consolidate data on indications from various settings and let departments examine how their units are performing
  • Regardless of where the data comes from, you can follow or follow up on it. The design will save expenses while improving inventory management settings
  • The design makes certain that all of the data you enter is correct
  • To keep track of how much energy is being used, you may leverage the layout to look for areas for improvement. For infrastructure or equipment management, you may examine what works
  • You can keep track of how much energy each plant uses and see how they all compare. To simplify production in all areas, you may utilize this information to determine which procedures are the most effective
  • Scheduled MIS reports can provide information on how much consumption effort is working, how data functions and whatever key performance indicators are effective. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports are all available for sorting

Heavy pharmaceutical equipment, for example, may use more energy than necessary. By determining the optimal operating settings, it becomes much simpler to reduce energy consumption while still saving a significant amount of money.

Following the Implementation of Energy Tracker Software

  • Everything is safe and simple to manage
  • There will be very little room for error
  • Using the AmpleLogic system, you can ensure regulatory compliance
  • To decrease energy usage, the system aids you in the selection of the appropriate equipment
  • The automation minimizes the amount of time required for data entering by hand. Running an automated process will take you less time if you do it yourself
  • Due to the platform’s centralization, content management has become simpler
  • The reporting procedure takes half as long as it usually does. Instead of days, it would take you months to complete fresh reports
  • Faster decision-making is facilitated by data-driven reporting. After you’ve taken care of business over here, you may go on to something else
  • Performance and availability are two metrics you can use to gauge how well your work is doing as a whole
  • You’ll be able to keep tabs on any issues that arise if your equipment suddenly stops operating properly. Some of these issues are difficult to deal with, such as waste, downtime, and issues with end-users
  • The equipment can be tracked in real-time, which makes system operation easier while yet being manageable

Screen Shots of Energy Tracker Application

View of the Dashboard with respective menu bars to give input values for the users.
Equipment Master

Equipment Master

You can keep track of everything you own and use with the Equipment Master. Depending on what you’re using, you may separate the equipment into categories like cooling towers, air compressors, and so on.

Weekly Steam to Fuel Ration

Weekly Steam to Fuel Ratio

The quantity of steam and fuel utilized by our boilers may be entered on a weekly or monthly basis. You can obtain an overview of the steam-to-fuel ratio and learn what you should do to keep it under control.

Weekly Steam to Fuel Ratio Report

MIS Reports

MIS reports can assist you in assessing how well you are using your resources. For electricity, steam, water, and HSD, you may produce reports about your consumption rates. It is possible to estimate how many resources are being used at a given time by using a grid and calculating. The system is compatible with various types of energy sources, including electric, gas, and HSD.

Monthly Consumption ReportGas Consumption

Gas Consumption Report
HSD Consumption

HSD Consumption Report
KPI Summary

KPI Summary Report

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