Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker

The life sciences industry requires plants that are easy to manage. All equipment must be run well without risking excess waste. All plants must have control where they will use less energy and will not produce excess emissions. The processes must also comply with environmental standards to ensure their functionality and operation.

The plant engineering process automation process offers strategic manufacturing support to help a company effectively manage its equipment. The automation effort ensures the efficient and safe operation of all equipment, ensuring protection and consistency. The work also prevents emissions so a plant can continue operating under its green standards.

The bulk production process in pharma and life science industries can entail batch and mass production efforts. Each production task requires the use of many energy-generating materials, including boilers, chillers, sewage treatment systems, generators, fuels, and air compressors. All materials can produce emissions and use great deals of energy, water, fuel, and electricity. The negative impact on the environment can be dramatic.

The materials used by plants and the emissions produced will vary from each equipment piece. These points can vary even if the operating process is the same for all items.

Data on how these items use energy and produce emissions is traditionally collected from excel spreadsheets. The equipment is measured through many third-party platforms. The data must be maintained well, which makes it harder for people to handle all the data they collect. Data could also be mismatched or otherwise inaccurate. The extensive amount of data in the process and the challenge of trying to run all these Excel templates can also make the task harder to manage than you might expect.

The analysis process can include everything from energy consumption data to how must fuel is used, the efficiency of each utility, water usage levels, and details on any spare bits of equipment available. Regular updates are necessary, plus follow-up calls may also be necessary for reviewing how a platform is working.

AmpleLogic Automation Solution Approach

AmpleLogic provides a digital approach to handling energy data in all plants. AmpleLogic’s system uses a setup where data from all plants and regions can move to one spreadsheet over an online network. The reporting process will be easier to manage, as all data is moving towards one central site. The site can also support third-party integrations to help record information on operations. The design helps you optimize how well you can manage your process and setups as necessary.

  • The AmpleLogic Energy Consumption Tracking Solution complies with all regulatory standards, including the 21 CFR Part 11 system. The automated process ensures proper support for all regulatory activities.
  • You can compare energy usage data with product info to keep operating costs under control.
  • The insights you will get from the AmpleLogic system will help you make better decisions while addressing challenges around many standards for work.
  • You can help departments review how their units are operating, helping you summarize data on indicators from many setups.
  • You can track or trace information from all data sources. The design will improve inventory management setups while keeping costs down.
  • The design ensures all data you capture is accurate.
  • The layout helps you monitor energy use in your plant while reviewing possible changes for work. You can review what works based on the infrastructure or equipment you wish to manage.
  • You can monitor energy use for each plant and compare how each plant is operating. You can use this to see which processes are the most effective, helping you streamline the approach for production in all areas.
  • You can prepare scheduled MIS reports, including details on how much consumption efforts work, how data works, and whatever key performance indicators may work. You can sort these details based on weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

For instance, some heavy pieces of equipment in the pharma industry may use excess energy. But by finding the proper parameters for operation, it becomes easier to keep energy use levels down while saving substantial amounts of money.

After Implementation of Energy Tracker Software

  • Everything is secure and easy to control.
  • The risk of errors will be minimal.
  • You can meet regulatory compliance standards when you use the AmpleLogic system.
  • The system helps you select the proper equipment to reduce energy consumption rates.
  • The automation keeps the manual effort for data entry under control. You will spend less time running automation process.
  • The centralization of the platform makes the content easier to manage.
  • The reporting process works in less than half the time as usual. You can get new reports ready in months instead of days.
  • The data-based reports help you make decisions faster. You can focus on other tasks after you manage your system here.
  • You can measure the overall performance of your work based on performance and availability.
  • You can track problems that might make it where your equipment isn’t working as well. These include problems like waste, downtime, and user-related problems that might not be easy to manage.
  • The real-time tracking process for the equipment can make it easier for the system to operate without being too hard to manage.

Screen Shots of Energy Tracker Application

View of the Dashboard with respective menu bars to give input values for the users.
Dash Board - Energy Tracker

Equipment Master

The Equipment Master lets you enter the details on all equipment you’re using. You can divide the equipment based on the type, whether it is a cooling tower, air compressor, or whatever else you might use.
Equipment Master - Energy Tracker

Weekly Steam to Fuel Ratio

You can enter the weekly or monthly amount of steam and fuel used in our boilers. You can get an idea of the ratio of steam versus fuel to help you see what you should be doing to keep your ratio under control.

Weekly Steam to Fuel Ratio

MIS Reports

MIS reports can help you review the resources you’re running. You can create reports surrounding your electricity, steam, water, and HSD consumption rates. The user can enter the necessary details in the grid and calculate to get an estimate on how many resources are being used at a time. The system works for all electricity sources, gases, and HSD sources.

MIS Reports - Total Energy Consumption
Electricity consumption

Gas consumption

HSD consumption

HSD consumption - Energy Consumption
KPI Summary

KPI Summary Details - Energy Tracker

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