Specific Energy Consumption(SEC) / Enterprise Energy Management

More energy is used in manufacturing and engineering than in most other industries. Because of the additional energy they use, they are among the most expensive to run.

The amount of energy that these and other life sciences sectors use must be reevaluated by businesses. The SEC value, or specific energy consumption, can assist in determining how much energy a firm consumes and how efficiently it is managed. Analysis of how a company uses coal, gas, air, and water, and other resources must be done properly.

Some of the Major Concerns

  • The industry is confronted with issues relating to product quality, process efficiency, cycle durations, and waste quantities. The industry must manage its materials while decreasing downtime and guaranteeing regulatory compliance
  • Engineering and life sciences companies frequently exceed their energy value restrictions. They end up incurring more operational expenses
  • Working together across departments is often difficult. Their data may come from many different places, such as SAP, LIS, PLCs, and MES
  • The calculation of KPIs for all plants, including blast and oxygen furnaces, is also difficult to do. However, even if the data is computed correctly and uniformly, the input procedure might still have flaws and mistakes

Detailed Problem Statement

Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act pose the biggest difficulty in trying to get results. To safeguard the environment and avoid excessive CO2 emissions when burning fuels, a firm in the life sciences sector must fulfill all EPA criteria. Businesses that have ineffective processes may not be able to fulfil these EPA requirements.

As many as a hundred different divisions within the SEC are working to examine the manufacturing and energy consumption guidelines. Firms may have a difficult time collecting data and verifying that they are effectively managing power while also complying with all EPA regulations if they have to compute comprehensive equipment values.

Users will have to manually collect their data from several platforms and export it to an Excel file daily.  After that, an email with the data must be sent to the plant’s administrators for their approval. Human mistakes, incorrect reports, and the difficulty of transferring data by email to a third party on time could all influence the process. As a result of this, getting accurate findings and adhering to all EPA regulations might be a challenge for certain organizations.

AmpleLogic Team Approach

AmpleLogic’s automated energy management software helps companies keep tabs on their energy use and ensures that they comply with all EPA regulations. By automating business processes and reporting data correctly and precisely, the firm can increase productivity while decreasing the amount of time required to complete tasks. The effort also guarantees that numerous KPIs are accurately measured, allowing for a more precise reaction.

AmpleLogic Energy Management Solution

  • Excel may be used as an interface with AmpleLogic’s technology, which is very versatile
  • All stakeholders may be connected on a single platform
  • For data reporting, the system connects to various sources. Numerous third-party apps are compatible with it
  • The workflow system provides users with easy access to a wide range of data sources within a company. The data is simple to calculate and may be shown according to the preferences of each user
  • Complete data and value sets may be generated in minutes by users for the creation of reports
  • Because it is a simpler system, dashboards are available to users, allowing them to make better decisions
  • Workflows, charts, forms, and other documents can be created with the drag-and-drop system
  • You can keep track of the progress of all your projects with the aid of the tracking system

Benefits of Enterprise Energy Management System

  • More KPIs, such as Kcal/Kg, Kwh, and Nm3, can be monitored from your furnaces and other equipment
  • The system compares the amount of energy used in each unit and allocates it appropriately
  • You can comply with EPA regulations by using the continuous emission review system
  • You can check your plant’s current efficiency against previous reports
  • The application generates regular reports on a variety of subjects, including production, fuel and steam ratios, and more
  • Your employees will be more productive and willing to try new things. You’re not going to put up with many hours of manual data input every year
  • You can obtain comprehensive information on discrepancies between budgeted and actual production effort
  • You will be able to generate more accurate reports
  • You’ll be able to learn more about your business operations and generate custom reports. These reports can be generated by the system using any information you provide
  • You can send recipients personalized reports that only include the information they need. You may use the system to examine your KPIs as needed
  • The initiative shortens the time required for data collection. To effectively manage your data, you can employ a simplified method
  • The adaptable system is very simple to use and provides real-time data

Sample Design Layout of Solution with Excel Interface

Login Screen

Login Screen

Role or user-wise data input design layout

Using the layout, you can input values for all parameters for different departments to determine the total amounts of certain types of energy used.
Role or user-wise data input design layout

Energy Values Master Table

Find out what energy levels work best for your plants by looking at the master table.Energy Values Master Table

Energy Values Master Table Report Format

Energy Values Master Table Report Format

Intermediate Calculation report format

A super admin user who prepares a report with date ranges has access to the data in the report.Intermediate Calculation report format

Out Put Report Format

The output report provides a supervisor with a comprehensive view of all departmental reports across a variety of time frames, all in one place. Each supervisor in a department has access to the reports for their specific fields, as well as the appropriate time frames. The data does not leak to other sections.

Energy Balance Summary – Out Put Sheet 2

Both the superuser and the departmental superuser have access to all departments’ reports, while the head of the department only has access to his own department’s reports, which have been filtered to show just the data from a certain period.
Energy Balance Summary – Out Put Sheet 2

Monthly Data Input

Within an activity time, you may go over all of the approvals, rejections, and usage guidelines. You can use the system to double-check all of your operations as you deem necessary.Monthly Data Input

Note: Depending on their business requirements, each firm can employ a variety of reports. You may customize the AmpleLogic system to generate various dashboards and visualizations based on your specifications.

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