Enterprise Energy management

Specific Energy Consumption(SEC) / Enterprise Energy management

Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) -The manufacturing and engineering industries use more energy than most other fields. The extra energy use makes them among the most expensive ones to operate.

A business in these fields and other life sciences industries will need to review how much energy they are producing. The specific energy consumption or SEC value can help review how much energy a business uses and how efficient the company is running. Proper Analysis is necessary when looking at how a business consumes coal, gas, oxygen, nitrogen, water, and other resources.

Some of the Key Challenges

  • The industry is dealing with challenges involving product quality, process efficiency, cycle times, and waste amounts. The industry needs to manage its materials while reducing downtime and ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • Businesses in engineering and life sciences often go past their energy value limits. They result in elevated operating costs.

  • But it is often tough for people in many departments to collaborate on these information. They may have access to varying sources like SAP, LIS, PLC, and MES.

  • It is also tough to calculate information on KPIs for all plants, including blast and oxygen furnaces. Even if the data is calculated accurately and evenly, there may still be errors and other issues in the entry process

Detailed Problem Statement

The greatest challenge of trying to produce results involves Environmental Protection Act rules. A business in the life sciences field must meet all EPA standards to ensure it is protecting the environment and avoiding excess CO2 emissions when burning fuels. Ineffective processes can result in a business failing to meet EPA standards.

The SEC efforts may include tens of parent and child departments trying to review the production and energy usage standards for hundreds of parameters. There may be extensive equipment values to calculate, making it harder for businesses to collect data and ensure they are managing power well while meeting all EPA rules.

Users will have to collect their data manually from many systems and transfer the information to an Excel spreadsheet each day. The data must then go to the plant heads by email for approval. The process is often impacted by human error, inaccurate reports, and struggles in trying to move data out to a party on time by email. It is often hard for some businesses to link the proper information with certain plants as well, making it tougher to get accurate results and to maintain all EPA standards.

AmpleLogic Team Approach

AmpleLogic provides an automated enterprise energy management software that helps businesses manage their energy usage levels and meet all EPA standards. The company’s automation software can manage business processes and report their data correctly and accurately, boosting business operations while reducing timelines for work. The effort also ensures accurate measures of many KPIs, preparing a more accurate response.

AmpleLogic Energy Management Solution

  • The AmpleLogic system provides an Excel interface and is flexible.
  • You can link all stakeholders in one platform.
  • The system links with other sources for data reporting needs. It can comply with many third-party apps.
  • The workflow system allows access to various data sources in an enterprise. The data is easy to calculate and can be displayed based on each restricted user’s request.
  • Users can produce complete data and value sets to create reports in minutes.
  • The system is less complex, giving users access to dashboards that help them make smarter decisions.
  • You can use the drag-and-drop system to create workflows, charts, forms, and other documents.
  • The user-tracking system helps you review the status of all your projects.

Benefits of Enterprise Energy Management System

  • You can monitor more KPIs from your furnaces and other equipment, including the Kcal/Kg, Kwh, and Nm3 measures.
  • The system compares energy consumption based on the allocation of energy use in each unit.
  • The continuing emission review system helps you meet EPA rules.
  • Compare current data with past reports to see how efficient your plant is at the moment.
  • The program produces scheduled reports on production, fuel ratios, steam ratios, and other factors.
  • Your workforce will be more effective and open to working on other tasks. You won’t bear with thousands of hours of manual data entry each year.
  • Get full information on gaps between the budgeted data and the actual production effort.
  • The reports you produce will be more accurate.
  • You can get insights into your processes and create new reports based on your needs. The system can create these reports based on whatever bits of data you wish to collect.
  • You can distribute custom reports to recipients with the info relevant to them. The system lets you analyze your KPIs as necessary.
  • The effort reduces the time necessary for gathering data. You can use a streamlined process to handle your data well.
  • The flexible system is easy to use and gives you access to real-time data.

Sample Design Layout of Solution with Excel Interface

Login Screen  

Specific Energy Consumption - Login Scren


Role or user-wise data input design layout

The layout helps you enter values for all parameters for varying departments to help you calculate specific energy totals
Specific Energy Consumption - User Wise Data Input

Energy Values Master Table

Get information on the master table about whatever energy values are working for your plants.Specific Energy Consumption - Energy Values Master Table

Energy Values Master Table Report Format

Intermediate Calculation report format

The report is accessible by a super admin user who creates a report with date ranges.

Out Put Report Format

The output report lets a supervisor review all department reports with multiple date ranges. Each department supervisor can see their respective fields’ reports and the proper date ranges. The information doesn’t spill over to other irrelevant fields.

Energy Balance Summary – Out Put Sheet 2

Superuser and Department Superuser can able to see all departments’ reports but HOD Department can able to see only his respective department reports with filtered date ranges.

Monthly Data Input

You can review all approvals, rejections, and usage standards within an activity time. The system helps you check all operations as necessary.

Note: All organizations can use different reports based on their business needs. You can configure in AmpleLogic system to produce different dashboards and charts as necessary.