MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is required for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which gears towards office based tasks, such as accounting and order entry, and as such is of little value to the manufacturing department.

Manufacturing execution system (MES) is an information system that will connect, controls and monitors complex manufacturing systems and information data flow on the Plant or Factory floor

In recent years the semiconductor industry has undergone a drastic transformation and evolved as one of the most happening business sectors of technology verticals. The industry has recorded tremendous growth during the last decade. Companies involved in the semiconductor manufacturing and assembly sector have brought considerable changes in their business processes to meet a rapidly growing demand for products and services.

Despite various attempts made by semiconductor companies to optimize the business process and operations, organizations across the globe still feel there is a need for further technology involvement to achieve optimized organizational performance and growth.

Semiconductor assembly and testing is one such most influencing stage which has tremendous significance in the overall business process.

AmpleLogic offers expertise and technologies that specialize in ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and resource planning for semiconductor assembly and testing industry. The AmpleLogic ERP System is specifically designed to integrate crucial areas of a building component from production, equipment booking management, and inventory control, to order entry and invoicing giving you a most comprehensive view of your entire operation.

The AmpleLogic solution mainly includes software, installation, ongoing training, and professional support. AmpleLogic helps streamline your business processes to maximize productivity and profitability by addressing the complex issues by using the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).