Sales Targeting Software

Using AmpleLogic’s Sales Targeting Software, you can automate manual sales targeting activities that are currently performed using Excel spreadsheets. You can keep track of your sales goals by looking at historical data and trends. The system assists you in identifying the best targets to use, as well as providing a clear picture of how your company is accomplishing its current goals.

Setting goals for your organization is an important part of sales targeting. It’s important, however, that the target you produce is fair and is based on previous sales, industry trends, and IMS Health (Intercontinental Marketing Services) information on future growth potentials.

When you use the AmpleLogic Sales Targeting Program, you’ll get results that will help your company develop. Aside from keeping users engaged, the method ensures that the job they do isn’t perceived as being excessively easy or difficult.

Capabilities of the AmpleLogic Sales Planning Software

  • Using our AmpleLogic Sales Planning application, you’ll have access to the same Excel-based view
  • With the data it gets about your company, the sales automation software can automate itself
  • You can choose between a cloud-based and a server-based version of the software. It’s accessible via a web browser
  • Spreadsheets with branching goals can be triggered as needed
  • Various members of your team can have access to different goals and spreadsheet reports. Produce various documents depending on whether you’re working with a Division Head, Senior Manager, RSM, or Advanced Management
  • The AmpleLogic System allows you to import the last three years’ worth of data from SAP, Salesforce, or Market Research reports. Based on logic and analysis, the system will generate a current financial year goal for you
  • Depending on your approach, you can either boost or reduce the specified objective
  • It is possible to keep track of all SKUs and other unique parameters on a single screen
  • You can use various colours to classify the cells in the spreadsheet, which makes it easier to keep track of everything
  • You can use auto-calculation to figure out how each field works
  • There are other features for validation and logic
  • You can compare contributions made in the previous fiscal year to any current-year goals you specify

Advantages of Using the Sales Targeting Software

  • In your spreadsheets, you have complete control over who has access to what sections. The ability to see your material without being able to modify it can be granted to others as well
  • A user base can contain an unlimited number of people
  • Your dashboard will reflect any changes you make right away
  • The system is capable of reacting to last-minute modifications to your data
  • Any entry in your spreadsheet can have a remark added to it. This function assists you in explaining any deviations or major changes from the norm
  • Working offline is possible if needed. Once you are back online, the app will synchronize with the server to keep everything current.
sales targeting solution
Sales Targeting
Manual Sales Targeting – Amplelogic Sales Targeting Solution
Manual Sales Targeting – Amplelogic Sales Targeting Solution

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