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Sales Targeting Software

AmpleLogic Sales Targeting Software helps you automate manual sales targeting efforts on Excel spreadsheets. You can track your sales targets based on trends and prior results and performances. The system helps you identify the right targets you should utilize, plus it provides an accurate look at how your business is meeting its existing targets.

Sales Targeting is about setting goals in your business. But the target you produce should be reasonable while being based on prior sales, market trends, future growth potentials, and IMS Health (Intercontinental Marketing Services) info.

The AmpleLogic Sales Targeting Program will help you produce a sensible result that will lead your business towards growth. The system also helps people stay motivated, as people won’t feel like the work, they’re completing is too light or hard.

Features of AmpleLogic Sales Planning Software

  • You can use the same Excel-based view in our AmpleLogic Sales Planning application.
  • The sales automation software can automate itself with whatever data it receives on your business.
  • The program is cloud or server-based, depending on your preference. You can open it through a browser.
  • You can trigger spreadsheets with branching targets as necessary.
  • Different targets and spreadsheet reports can be made available to various people in your party. You can produce different documents for a Division Head, SM, RSM, or ASM.
  • You can import the past three years of data from an SAP, Salesforce, or Market Research report into the AmpleLogic System. The system will then produce a target for your current financial year based on logic and analysis.
  • You can increase or decrease the listed goal based on the strategy you use.
  • You can monitor all SKUs or other identifying factors on one screen.
  • The spreadsheet lets you categorize each cell with different colors, making your tasks easier to manage.
  • Auto-calculation is open for helping you identify how each field is working.
  • Validation and logic features are also available.
  • You can compare contributions made from the last financial year to whatever target you have in the present year.

Benefits of  Sales Targeting Software

  • Role-based access is available for all parts of your spreadsheets. People may also be allowed to view your content without having access to editing anything.
  • You can include as many users in your base as you wish.
  • All edits you make will immediately be visible on your dashboard.
  • The system can respond to last-minute changes to your data.
  • You can add comments to any entries in your spreadsheet. The feature helps you explain any deviations or other significant changes from the norm.
  • You can work offline if necessary. The application will sync with the server when you get back online, ensuring everything remains updated.
Sales Targeting Software
Sales Targeting


Sales Targeting Solution
Manual Sales Targeting – Amplelogic Sales Targeting Solution

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