IT Infrastructure Automation

Our ready to use IT Infrastructure Management solutions simplify IT management, improve productivity. Administrators can manage the applications, systems, endpoints, and devices

Active Directory Auditing Tool

AmpleLogic offers an AD auditing solution to deal with issues like these by recording changes in the whole domain and identifying who, when, what, and where they happened. Using the AD Audit tool, you can keep tabs on numerous servers from a single interface

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Exchange Server Auditing Tool

AmpleLogic offer a way to keep track of all the mailboxes, groups, and policy modifications that have taken place in exchange. All sorts of Exchange Server Auditing reports are generated much more quickly with Powershell than any other method

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Prints Auditing Software

AmpleLogic Prints Auditing Software tracks all devices, whether local and networked. Using reports based on users, status, and printing, business executives and administrators can audit and monitor printer usage from a single point of contact.

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SQL Server Audit

AmpleLogic SQL Server Audit lets you keep track of all the resources on your SQL server, as well as the permissions that are granted to those resources.

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Office 365 Audit Reports

AmpleLogic Auditing software developed specifically for the Office 365 platform aids in overcoming the traditional auditing methods, but this also makes it difficult to build scripts and provide reports to system administrators.

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AD Management

AmpleLogic’s Active Directory Administration Tool, AD management is made simple. Ad Management built-in tool enables Active Directory delegation and Reporting tool lets Active Directory track alterations.

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Exchange Server Management

AmpleLogic Exchange Server Management gives users an easy-to-use user interface and quick actions for all kinds of activities to administer their exchange server.

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Help Desk

AmpleLogic, which is available to all domain users by default. All domain users will be able to reset/unlock their accounts without assistance from the help desk by utilizing the self-service portal.

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AD Self Set

AD Self Service security feature offers two-level data encryption and also supports Windows and external SSL certificates. AD Self Service security. Active Directory Self Manage’s free version is packed with several useful functions.

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Group Policy Management

Group Policy Object (GPO) is a collection of settings that define what a system will look like and how it will behave for a defined group of users and group of computers by using this we can control set of containers /OU/Sites. AmpleLogic GPO Management allows users to create or manage securable interface for group policy and group policy settings.

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