Active Directory Auditing Tool

Administrators are now confronted with the challenge of collecting real-time configuration changes in Active Directory as well as object-level modifications that have happened, all while monitoring who made the changes, what was changed, when they occurred, and where they occurred.

Event Viewer is a valuable tool for doing domain-wide audits, as it keeps track of numerous servers and analyzes events in real-time.

AmpleLogic offers an AD auditing solution to deal with issues like these by recording changes in the whole domain and identifying who, when, what, and where they happened. Using the AD Audit tool, you can keep tabs on numerous servers from a single interface.

Active Directory User Level Reports

  • Recently Created AD Users
  • Recently Deleted AD Users
  • Recently Enabled AD Users
  • Recently Disabled AD Users
  • Recently Locked Out AD Users
  • Recently Unlocked AD Users
  • Frequently Locked Out AD Users
  • Frequently Unlocked AD Users
  • Recently Password Changed AD Users
  • Recently Password Set AD Users
  • AD User Based Password Changes
  • AD User Based Password Reset
  • Password Never Expires set AD Users
  • Recently Modified AD Users
  • All Managers
  • Manager based AD users
  • AD Users Without AD Managers
  • All AD users Details with needed attributes.
  • Smart Card Enabled AD Users
  • Restore Deleted AD Users
  • Recently Deleted AD users
  • All Managers
  • Recent modify AD users
  • Smart Card Enabled AD Users
  • AD Users with cannot change the password
  • AD Users with Password Never Expires
  • AD Users with Change Password at Next Logon
  • AD Password Status Reports
  • AD Password Expired Users
  • Soon-to-expire AD User Passwords
  • Password Changed AD Users
  • Password Unchanged AD Users
  • Recently Account Expired AD Users
  • Soon-to-expire AD User Accounts

OU Reports

  • Recently Created OU’s in Active Directory
  • Recently Deleted OU’s in Active Directory
  • Recently Modified OU’s in Active Directory
  • Extended Attribute OU’s in Active Directory
  • OU History in Active Directory

GPO Report

  • ALL GPO’s
  • Recently Created GPO’s in Active Directory
  • Recently Modified GPO’s in Active Directory
  • Recently Deleted GPO’s in Active Directory
  • GPO Link Changes
  • Disabled GPO’s
  • Frequently Modified Computer in AD
  • Frequently Modified User in AD
  • OU Linked GPO’s in AD
  • Site Linked GPO’s in AD
  • AD GPO Blocked Inheritance
  • AD Computer Settings Disabled
  • AD User Settings Disabled GPO’s
  • Frequently Modified GPO’s in AD
  • AD Domain Linked GPO’s

Advanced GPO Report

  • Group Policy Settings changes in AD
  • Password Policy changes in AD
  • Administrative template in AD
  • Group Policy Permission in AD
  • Extended attribute changes in AD
  • Computer Configuration in AD
  • User Rights Assignment in AD
  • Group Policy Preferences in AD
  • Security Settings Changes in AD
  • Windows Settings Changes in AD
  • AD Group Policy Settings History
  • Specific AD User-configured settings
  • Specific AD Computer configured settings

Please contact us to arrange a free trial of the AmpleLogic Active Directory Auditing Tool.

Group Reports

  • Recently Created Active Directory Security Groups
  • Recently created Active Directory Distribution groups
  • Recently deleted Active Directory Security groups
  • Recently Modified Active Directory groups
  • Recently Added Members to Active Directory Security groups
  • Active Directory Group Type Reports
  • Active Directory Security Groups
  • Active Directory Distribution Groups
  • Active Directory Groups Types and Scopes
  • Active Directory Users Not in Groups
  • AD Groups Without Members
  • AD Users Only Members of Domain Users Group
  • Groups for AD Users
  • Recently Added Members to AD Distribution groups
  • Recently Removed Members from AD Security groups
  • Recently Removed Members from AD Distribution groups
  • Extended AD Attribute Changes
  • AD Group Attribute New and Old Value

Computer Reports

  • Recently Created Computers in AD
  • Attribute-based report
  • Managed Computers in AD
  • Unmanaged Computers in AD
  • Recently Modified Computers in AD
  • Recently Deleted Computers in AD
  • Recently Enabled Computers in AD
  • Recently Disabled Computers in AD
  • Extended Attribute Changes in AD
  • Computer Attribute New and Old Value

Last Logon Report

  • Logon Hour Based Report
  • Users Never Logged On
  • Report Profile Categories
  • Logon Failures
  • Log On Failures Based on Users
  • Failures Due to Bad Password
  • Failures Due to Bad Username
  • Active Directory Logon Activity Based on DC
  • Active Directory Logon Activity Based on IPad dress
  • Active Directory Domain Controller Logon Activity
  • Active Directory Member Server Logon Activity
  • Active Directory Work Station Logon Activity
  • AD User Logon Activity
  • Recent AD User Logon Activity
  • Active Directory Account Never Expired AD Users
  • Last Logon Work Stations
  • Active Directory Users with logon script
  • Active Directory Users without logon script
  • Active Directory Users Last Logon
  • Active Directory Users Logged into Multiple computers

Object Attribute History

  • Active Directory User Attribute History
  • Active Directory OU Attribute History
  • Active Directory Computer Attribute History
  • Active Directory Group Attribute History

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