AD Management Tool

The vast majority of businesses rely on Active Directory, and all of their key systems are connected to it. Managing users, groups, policies, OU, transport rules, and computers manually takes a lot of time and work. AmpleLogic AD Management Tool handles Active Directory’s most critical components from a single integrated application.

With AmpleLogic’s Active Directory Administration Tool, AD Management Software is made simple. Ad Management built-in tool enables Active Directory delegation and Reporting tool lets Active Directory track alterations.

User Management

AmpleLogic Active Directory User Management, you may provide particular domain resources to a user. Since there are so many users and so many qualities, managing them is a major challenge. Users and User Attributes may be managed using a practical Graphical User Interface using AmpleLogic AD User management from ADM Solutions

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AD Group Policy Management

AmpleLogic Active Directory GPO Management tool helps in managing the AD Group Policy Objects with user-friendly interface. It simplifies the administration of Group policy with the help of Group Policy Management Console.

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OU Management

AmpleLogic OU management allows you to manage an organization unit with easy to use user interface with a very simple manner.

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Groups Management

Active Directory groups are key to any organization. Well-designed Security and distribution groups improve productivity and improve security. To grant the correct access to the correct users a reliable Active Directory group management solution is required.

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Transport Rules Management

Transport Rules Management is similar to the Inbox rules that are available in many email clients. The main difference between transport rules and rules you would set up in a client application such as outlook is that transport rules take action on messages while they’re in transit as opposed to after the message is delivered

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Computer Management

AmpleLogic Active Directory Computer Management Software allows you to manage one-computer or bulk computers at a time. Bulk computer management allows the changes to many computer objects simultaneously that minimizes the time and reduces the complexity involved.

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