User Management

Active Directory User Management

AmpleLogic Active Directory User Management allows you to grant him or her authorization to access specific domain resources. The User management is really challenging due to large number of user’s and number of attributes. AmpleLogic AD User management allows to manage the users and User Attributes with feasible Graphical User Interface.

This is an effective AD User Management tool which lets you manage thousands of your Active Directory users easily through its bulk user operations and easy-to-work interface.

The key Features Include:

  • Create/Modify/Delete User
  • Enable/disable User
  • Move User/s
  • Restore Deleted Users
  • Delete Users as per CSV
  • Modify User Properties
  • Reset Password
  • Unlock Account
  • Restrict user login to one machine
  • Bulk user creation
  • Bulk user Deletion
  • Bulk User Modification
  • Notifications for password expiry and account expiry
  • Send reports to email daily based
  • Ticket Notifications
  • CSV Import
  • Address/Organization Attributes
  • Modify common attributes for Multiple Users.
  • All users Details with needed attributes.
  • Changes/addition/deletion in user attributes as per CSV
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