AD Self Service Tool or AD Self Set

In terms of security and reliability, the Active Directory Self Help tool from AmpleLogic is top-notch. Our tool’s AD Self Service security feature offers two-level data encryption and also supports Windows and external SSL certificates. AD Self Service security. Active Directory Self Manage’s free version is packed with several useful functions.

Active Directory Self-Service Mobile Integration for True Identification

With the Active Directory Self Help Tool from AmpleLogic, users may do a variety of tasks like resetting their passwords, unlocking accounts, and changing passwords. While the solution may be accessed from the user’s PC with relative ease, the issue of actual identification arises.

True two-way authentication of the user accessing the solution is used in this Active Directory self-help application. The first way to be identified is by using an identification code obtained from a mobile device. Second, a series of questions and answers can be used to confirm the person’s identity. Access to AD Self-help reset/unlock features are granted after receiving identification and inputting it correctly.

AmpleLogic Active Directory Self Reset Password

The ability to reset the password for an AD account by an end-user is a useful one, having several advantages for an organization. Password resets are a common customer service request in every organization. It’s necessary to keep spending money on costly 24-hour support. Increased demand means longer wait times for issues to be resolved, which reduces productivity because the employee is unable to use the computer.

Any user in an organization can reset their password with the help of the AmpleLogic AD Self-service Tool. So no need to call tech support because the self-reset can be completed in a matter of minutes directly from the user’s desktop.

Take control of your Help Desk costs by requesting a free demo of Active Directory Self service: a basic Active Directory self-help tool.

Active Directory Unlock Account

The Active Directory Account Self Unlock functionality assists the end-user in unlocking their account. Incorrect password attempts often lead to account lockout, thus it’s common for us to find ourselves in this scenario. It is even worse in a scenario where work is halted due to an account lock. The Active Directory Self-Help application enables the user to unlock their account straight from their computer without calling any Helpdesk or IT assistance.

Active directory self-reset tool’s AD Self Unlock function includes real-time reports as well. These reports provide information on the unlocked accounts around the company in a visually appealing style that’s easy to comprehend.

Active Directory Change Password

With the Active Directory (AD) Password Change functionality, users can update their passwords following their company’s password policy.

The Amplelogic AD Self Service tool enables users to update their AD password whenever they want. Because users may change their passwords at their leisure, and because it has monitoring capabilities, it is highly useful for administrators to keep track of or manage all Active Directory password changes.

In addition to this Active Directory Helpdesk Tool, there are built-in functions that give real-time information and status regarding Active Directory password changes by users.

Active Directory Profile Update

The Active Directory Profile Self Update functionality makes it easier to manage Active Directory users. On a need-to-know basis, it allows the AD User to change AD profile information such as the mobile number and work number. It is usually a real challenge keeping up with all of the changes to employee profiles.

Allowable fields can be enabled or disabled by the administrator. Every profile contains the most fundamental information about the user, which is stored in Active Directory. This Active Directory self-help tool has a Profile Update feature that allows the user to update their information at their convenience from their computer.

Active Directory Self Service Reports

Users can generate graphical reports on Active Directory use to assist with process monitoring and optimization. AD Administrator deals with a large number of requests at the same time, therefore it would be helpful for the AD Administrator to have access to reports that show the current status or trend of these requests.

For the most part, the Reports generated by this Active Directory Reset tool contain details on the statistics or account status for a certain period. Included in this is a daily report of password resets and account unlocks conducted by others, as well as those performed by the user.

Additionally, AD Self Service provides a visual depiction of tracking, i.e. the present state of resets and unlocks across the company.

Advanced Active Directory Service Search

Using the Advanced Active Directory Service Search function, administrators may track daily, monthly, and annual usage of AD Self Service. No matter how large or small the organization, there is personnel from all levels working in various departments. You understandably value your time, therefore we made this information readily available to save you the trouble of searching for someone.

Using AmpleLogic AD Self Set, an active directory self-help tool, all workers in the company may be searched for. The sophisticated search tool for employees makes it simple for the system administrator to learn about the most common needs of AD users. Search parameters for AD Self Service have been carefully crafted to yield the most relevant results with the fewest number of alternatives.

AD Self Service – Password Helper

Password security has been increasingly important in recent times, and a strong password always offers better protection than a simple one. Aside from the rising issues, other password compliance requirements are being required.

Using this free Active Directory Self-Manage tool, administrators no longer have to stress about password compliance. As a result, users have complete control over the security of their passwords.

This Active Directory Self Manage solution is comprehensive due to the password criteria alternatives it offers, and this makes it easier for a company to comply.

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