Office 365 Audit Reports

These days, all companies want to ensure that their resources are always available, so they are turning to cloud-based software as a service. Office 365 gives you access to web-hosted versions of Microsoft Office Suite, so you can use them from anywhere. This offered a superior constant availability option, but administrators still had to deal with managing Office 365 Enterprise and setting up users in the process. It is important to keep an eye on the modifications that have occurred if something goes wrong with the program.

AmpleLogic Auditing software developed specifically for the Office 365 platform aids in overcoming the traditional auditing methods, but this also makes it difficult to build scripts and provide reports to system administrators.

All of the mailboxes in Office 365, mailbox sizes, distribution groups, and office 365 licenses may be audited using AmpleLogic Office 365 Auditing Application. We can interface directly to the Office 365 cloud using Power Shell, and we’re able to generate the necessary reports for online exchange auditing as well.

Office 365 Audit Reports:

  • All users Details with needed attributes.
  • Inactive exchange mail box reports
  • Office 365 Last Logon report
  • Exchange active sync report.
  • Outlook web access report
  • Exchange Mailbox properties report
  • Exchange Mailbox content report
  • Exchange Mailbox traffic report
  • Exchange Mailbox permission report
  • Distribution list report with needed attributes
  • Office 365 Audit Configuration report
  • Office 365 Audit report
  • Office 365 Roles Report
  • Office 365 License report

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