Office 365 Audit Reports

Office 365 Audit Reports

Nowadays all organizations are more interested in continuous availability of resources for this they are going for cloud-based software as a service. Office 365 provides access to office application which is hosted on the internet which can be used anywhere in the world. This was providing a better alternative for continuous availability but administrators need to manage office 365 enterprise and provision users. If anything goes wrong in the application, they should monitor the changes which have occurred.

Office 365 auditing software helps in overcoming the conventional method for doing auditing but this is also a cumbersome process to write scripts and providing reports to administrators.

AmpleLogic Office 365 Auditing Application provides the audit of all office 365 mailbox, mailbox sizes, distribution groups, and office 365 licenses. By using Power Shell we are directly connecting office 365 cloud and providing required reports that help in exchange online auditing too.

Office 365 Audit Reports:

  • All users Details with needed attributes.
  • Inactive exchange mail box reports
  • Office 365 Last Logon report
  • Exchange active sync report.
  • Outlook web access report
  • Exchange Mailbox properties report
  • Exchange Mailbox content report
  • Exchange Mailbox traffic report
  • Exchange Mailbox permission report
  • Distribution list report with needed attributes
  • Office 365 Audit Configuration report
  • Office 365 Audit report
  • Office 365 Roles Report
  • Office 365 License report