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AmpleLogic Prints Auditing Software tracks all devices, whether local and networked. Using reports based on users, status, and printing, business executives and administrators can audit and monitor printer usage from a single point of contact. In the Print Audit reports, you’ll find information on who printed what, when, and how many pages were printed. Organizations have the authority to hold users and employees liable for any documents printed by them.

For the most part, companies have to deal with issues like the inappropriate use of printers and the need to protect the printing of confidential internal documents. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with printing expenses, and keeping track of print quantities manually is quite difficult. Using AmpleLogic Print audit software, you can keep track of every printer usage in real-time and get detailed information.

Reduce printing costs and improve document security by keeping track of every printer activity using AmpleLogic’s printer auditing software.

Advantages of AmpleLogic Print Audit Software

  • It provides a list of all the documents that have been printed on the network
  • It assists in maintaining a record of the number of pages, copies, file size, printer name, and server information
  • Its real-time tracking enables staff to avoid printing confidential or superfluous amounts of documents, resulting in cost management
  • User-specific print requests can be tracked
  • It allows you to set up notifications for when the maximum number of pages has been reached
  • Produce XLS and CSV versions of audit reports for sharing with others

Please contact our team for a demonstration of the AmpleLogic Prints Auditing Software

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