Prints Auditing Software

Prints Auditing Software

AmpleLogic Prints Auditing Software tracks 100% that includes local and network devices. Business Heads and administrators can centrally audit, monitor the printer usage with the help of User, Status and printer based reports. The Print Audit reports give the details on the Users, documents, Machine, no of pages printed along with Date and Time. Organizations can hold users or employees accountable for every document printed.

Majority of the organizations face the challenges in unauthorized Use of Printer and securing the print of Internal and confidential documents. Printing costs are running out of control. Manually tracking print volumes is really challenging. AmpleLogic Print audit software is a client-based tracking solution that provides real-time activity reports detailing all printer use.

AmpleLogic printer auditing software reduces printing cost, increase document security by providing provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use

AmpleLogic Print Audit software Benefits

  • List of documents printed in the network.
  • Keep a track of the number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details.
  • Real-time tracking helps employees not to print private and excessive printing resulting in cost reduction
  • Track-specific user’s Print Requests.
  • Configure alerts once max pages reached.
  • Export audit reports in XLS, CSV formats.