SQL Server Audit

SQL Server Audit

AmpleLogic SQL Server Audit allows you to monitor all your SQL server resources, access permission and controls unauthorized resource access in multiple instances.

Organizations have multiple numbers of SQL servers with a number of databases. A big challenge is to have SQL server uptime 99%. It is difficult to keep a track of what has changed in the environment, was it expected, how is a database growing, how do I do capacity planning and so on. As with most DBA, time is always crucial to gather information and subsequently put that on paper.

Making 99% uptime for SQL servers needs monitoring multiple SQL server resources and SQL server databases. This is a hectic task for database administrators as they also need to control unauthorized access for all SQL server resources which needs monitoring multiple resources and also requires multiple human power.

SQL server Statistical reports

SQL Server Instance level Auditing.

  • SQL Server Data Base Info report
  • SQL Server level changes
  • SQL Server permissions changes
  • SQL server Logon Failures
  • Login, user and role reports
  • SQL error log collection
  • Disk drive capacity overview
  • Server Disk Drive Growth
  • SQL server up time
  • SQL Server Database Level Auditing
  • SQL Server Stored procedure level changes
  • SQL Server Table level changes

SQL server Audit Reports and alerts:

  • Alert for creation or deletion of SQL databases
  • Alert for SQL server database setting change
  • Alert for SQL server backup and log backup not done
  • Alert for SQL server disk drive addition or removal
  • Alert for SQL server disk space
  • Alert for SQL server login added or removed
  • Alert for SQL database user added or removed
  • Alert for SQL server role added or removed