LMS – Learning Management System

AmpleLogic Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to manage and monitor a large number of GMP, and Non GMP trainings such as SOP, Technical, HR, External and research trainings for life sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and CROs. AmpleLogic Training Software helps in identifying training needs based on the Role. You can also define department wise training Calendar, conduct and evaluate different types of training programs of working personnel,  ensure compliance by proper tracking, and maintain training records annually, with generation of reports for management review.

AmpleLogic Learning Management Software allows you to create, manage, track, report and deliver all learning activities with ease, including online and offline, instructor-led, hybrid classroom sessions, on the job training, induction programs, and much more training activities.The LMS Solution makes it easy for you to train your employees on SOP’s for better performance of your workforce in their everyday operations and maintain  best quality standards.

There are various types of trainings required for employees to work in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries complying with the industry-standard guidelines include Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) training, Environmental training, and Compliance training, etc. All of these trainings are done in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP), and policies. The software is also designed to ensure adherence to the compliance requirements according to regulatory bodies and policies like 21CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ISO, MHRA, GMP and cGMP, along with a range of other regulatory standards

Features & Capabilities of Learning Management System in Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Life Sciences

Course Creation and Management :

  • AmpleLogic Learning Management System allows you to create, manage, add, update and deliver all training materials to the learner at one place. Multiple content formats including word, pdf, powerpoint, and video can be used.
  • Various types of learning materials can be stored in the course library and made easily accessible to the learners during the training sessions
  • Amplelogic Training module can be integrated with the Document Management software (DMS) to access the SOP documents.
  • Specific courses can be created in LMS Software according to the stage of induction training and share them with learners right away.

SCORM Compliant SOP Training Software :

 AmpleLogic GMP Training Software is capable of integrating learning courses compatible with SCORM

Induction Training and Employee Management :

AmpleLogic Learning Management System allows the induction coordinator or concerned personnel to create an induction and orientation program for the newly joined employees to familiarize them with the facility and individual responsibilities. The induction program can be held for a single learner or a group of learners in the organization.

  • LMS solution has a provision to create a job description for a newly joined employee and has feasibility to update or upload job description for an existing employee into the system
  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS Software has the capability to automatically assign all mandatory training requirements to the employees after the assignment of new job functions

SOP Training at the time of joining (Orientation Program)

  • Amplelogic Online Learning Management Software allows training coordinator to create the Orientation Program for new employee or transferred employees.
  • The training is based on the previous experience of the individual and the necessary set of skills required from the organization’s perspective

On the Job Training

  • Amplelogic GMP Learning Management Software allows respective departments to predesign On-the Job Training (OJT) based on the area of work like compression or coating etc. The purpose of this training is that, each person working in that section should be trained and skilled to perform the operation.
  • The LMS solutions allows the new employee to be mapped for On-the-Job Training (OJT) by the Department heads. It includes all necessary information like proper job skills, responsibilities, knowledge, and competencies they need to engage in their new job role
  • Amplelogic Skill development module will allow the department head to evaluate the employee’s performance concurrently i.e., allowing employees to work for some specified period & evaluate the individual accordingly

User Enrollment or Self-Registration

  • With AmpleLogic Pharma LMS Software you can create user accounts individually or in bulk by importing the data into the system. It allows you to manage learner accounts, assign permissions, grant access to courses and training content.
  • The learning course/training material can also be assigned to an individual user, selected users or user group – site-wise, and department wise. You can set eligibility criteria for more advanced courses to learners and this can be available only after learners finish previous training courses or materials. Additionally, trainees can only access content assigned to their online learning path.
  • There is a provision to self-register for training topics which may include SOP’s, Policies, Work Instructions, and Guidelines,etc. whenever required by the learner. The learner can self-register to the training courses from their “To-Do List” and continue their training specific to their job function or role.
  • AmpleLogic Learning Management Solutions allows you to add users into a new group, and then assign learning courses to the whole group at once, making your workflow process more efficient and productive.

Training Sessions Schedule

  • We have different types of training sessions like self-reading, classroom or offline sessions, practical demo sessions, and verbal sessions. You can schedule the training sessions with or without evaluation.
  • The training sessions can be updated or canceled at any time before the scheduled date, due to the unavailability of an internal or external trainer or learner.
  • You can also re-schedule the sessions to the learners using the system after the due date has crossed
  • The qualified trainer will be applicable to conduct the training sessions to the learners

Role-Based Training (Training need)

  • Training’s are defined according to the role of individual employees in an organization. Role specific trainings can be created in the system.
  • Once the employee profile or job role is acknowledged by the user, the course will auto-populate in their To-Do list and send auto-reminders about the training to be completed.
  • Training materials can be linked with specific job functions, and their certification requirements, and assigned to the curriculum.  When employees transfer to new job roles, they will automatically receive new training programs

Assignment, Test, and Exams    

  • You can create various types of assignments including MCQs, True/False, quizzes, Blanks, Random questions, sequential questions, Essay type questions, etc. Assignments can be given to learners automatically on completion of certain training modules.
  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS System has Image-based examination features that provide an interactive learning experience for the learners. This can help you gauge the level of understanding of the subject
  • Learning Management Software (LMS) helps to conduct a time-bound exam which consists of a fixed number of random questions selected from a question bank.

Temporary Role Management 

  • AmpleLogic Employee Training Management Software has a unique feature that allows the employees to assign their tasks to other employees in case of their absence or non-availability.

Training Calendar

  • Plan, create, schedule and track all your organization’s training within one place and view all upcoming course schedules, training events, tests and training deadlines, etc.
  • The system will auto-assign different training courses to the learners based on the planner schedule.
  • AmpleLogic Pharma LMS Solution provides an option for the department training coordinator to create training schedules for the complete year with a proper review and approval workflow within the system.
  • With the help of LMS, an employee can view the training program calendar online which is designed to display training courses, site, and user/group events in addition to course events, assignment, etc.
  • LMS allows you to schedule instructor-led training (ILT), classroom, virtual training, event schedules, etc.

Skill Gap Assessment

  • With the help of LMS, you can measure the capabilities and skills of learners within an organization to meet specific business goals. This includes carrying out a gap analyses of the learner’s skills and recommending specific learning paths to learners to address the areas where they are lacking.

Test Scores, Grades, and Results

  • Results are generated after the completion of test and results of assignments can be displayed in percentage, marks, grades and pass or fail.
  • Based on the overall performance and assessment results of trainees, the system provides test scores and grades to the learners.

Skill Matrix

  • The Skill Matrix in the AmpleLogic LMS System, will have the ability to provide information on the skills and competencies of individuals with an organization, department or group level.
  • It can quickly give insights of the skill ratings of the employees based on the completion of trainings or exams so on. You can able to view or track their progress and improve their own skill sets.
  • The Skills Matrix is designed to provide users, managers, and administrators the ability to view the role qualification status of users, identifying the skills for a role that requires, the skills of individual employees.
  • By having the skill matrix feature it will help you to identify the skill gaps in trainings that need to be addressed and also helps improve the organization’s and the individual’s performance in several ways

Instructor LED Training (ILT)

  • You can easily set up, assign users, schedule, and enroll trainees in virtual or classroom training with the help of the LMS Module
  • LMS will support classroom-based learning initiatives like managing classroom schedules, monitoring training attendance, and performance of learners, etc.
  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS Software can track face-to-face and virtual live training in a single comprehensive solution and is capable of recording ILT completed training data of all employees.
  • During Instructor LED Training, attendance can also be captured through biometric devices.


  • Certificate can be automatically issued based on the criteria set up for the online exam. Organizations can set the certificate expiration date in the system which supports timely renewal of the certificates by notifying key personnel on the next re-training session.

Email Alerts, Notifications, and Escalation

  • AmpleLogic LMS System has an in-built feature that allows you to send email reminders and notifications to learners on upcoming training programs, overdue training, exams, deadlines, course completions and many more.
  • Schedule automatic reminders and notifications to provide enrolled learners with everything they need to know about training programs or sessions that are assigned to them
  • This Pharmaceutical LMS System will automatically notify users when they are added to the system, when they are assigned new learning courses, and when deadlines for their training courses are getting close.
  • Send alerts based on static due date, number of days due for completion of the training, or no due date

Training Completion Tracking and Reporting

  • Keep track of employee’s current and previous job role details and also lifetime training program details through result reports feature as well as all learning sessions, records, inactive records, and training histories
  • Track performance of different user groups, such as departments, division, etc.
  • AmpleLogic LMS System will also allow you to monitor and look up training related information like the number of users or learners scheduled for training, number of people who have passed, number of employee who failed and number of learners who did not attend the training session at all.
  • LMS solutions monitor the progress and performance of employee training. Ensuring organizations that their employees are up to date on their training requirements. Training managers can track the training progress, time spent on completion, and performance of each employee.

Insightful Reports

  • With AmpleLogic LMS, you can generate a course summary report to see all the information related to a specific course. This system will automatically create GMP Compliance Training status Reports and any custom reports in the form of graphs and charts.
critical reports
Learner ProgressEnrollment of users
Training attendanceCourse completion
Learners’ activity reportsOJT Reports
Grade ScoresExam performance
Issue of certificatesIncomplete courses
Performance evaluation reportsExternal Training Report
Induction Status reportFailed users for GMP and OJT
Curriculum ReportsJob role reports
  • You can also generate training progress reports at the individual, group, or site level for an individual course, event, or learning resource, or across all learning activities.
  • Create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your specific requirements.

Bio-Metrics System Integration

  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical Employee Training Management System can integrate with a special biometric fingerprint technology that records classroom attendance through biometrics
  • If required you can overwrite biometric credentials, whenever it is necessary, through the system

Benefits of SOP and GMP Training Software

Enhance Regulatory Compliance: 

  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS Software helps your organization to manage learning and development in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements like audit trails, electronic signatures, password authenticity, timestamp activity, etc. This training management system allows companies to meet Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO and other regulatory requirements for training records in highly regulated industries.

Access Anytime, Anywhere: 

  • AmpleLogic LMS solution allows users or learners to access the platform from any location and anytime. Users can access the software from their choice of devices and as per their convenience, making it a desirable option to meet various learning and development needs for the organization.

Improved Productivity:

  • Learning Management Solution helps improve the overall productivity of an organization. This is achieved by minimizing the time and efforts involved in managing a manual training system. The software facilitates the updating of training materials and content several times with lower security risk and improved learning cycles. This means more productive hours from the organization can be achieved. When the productivity levels of each individual employee in the company is put together, it automatically increases overall efficiency of the organization.


  • When large companies with several global locations and branches carry out training processes for every employee throughout the length and breadth of their organization, then it manual training management may become a cumbersome process. It may also create learning gaps, reduce the performance of learners across departments, branches, and countries. There may be chances of inconsistent training delivery in terms of training materials, on-the-job training, assessments, etc. AmpleLogic GMP Training Software can easily resolve this by providing a common platform for conducting training for all employees around the world for a company. This way, everyone will have equal access to all training resources

Streamlined training processes:

  • With an online learning management system, users can easily schedule and assign learning pathways for an individual or a group. Deadlines are monitor’s and all user requirements are automatically checked for the training. This eLearning System strengthens the administrator and user relationship. It supports the building of groupings or course loads in relatively less time.

Saves Time and training costs:

  • In traditional systems, conducting physical training sessions can be extremely expensive. It can include several overheads such as boarding and lodging costs, renting training space, printing out training materials and paying remuneration to external training experts. Moreover, it can require a considerable investment of time too. Experts will need to fly from different regions and places to deliver training sessions. Employees from various locations and branches will also have to come together to attend the sessions. AmpleLogic Learning Management Software (LMS) System helps organizations do away with all these requirements. Users located anywhere in the world can attend a common training session delivered digitally for them. All this can cut down on wastage of time and money.

Integration with third-party systems

  • AmpleLogic LMS can seamlessly be integrated with quality management system modules, document management, and other existing applications.
  • Any version change in the document management systems will auto trigger training need in the GMP Training Software.

AmpleLogic GMP Training Management  Software will also comply with electronic Record standards defined by TGA, CDSCO, HEALTH CANADA, MCC, ANVISA, EMEA, SFDA, NAFDAC, MEDSAFE, MHLW, MCAZ, SWISSMEDIC, KFDA and MoH

Other industries that can take advantage of SOP Training Schedules Tracking Software

  • Biologics
  • Medical Devices
  • Chemical
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverages

To learn more about how AmpleLogic Learning Management Software for Life sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry which can meet your training and certification needs, please contact us