LMS – Learning Management System

AmpleLogic’s Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to organize and monitor a vast number of GMP and non-GMP training for life sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, and contract research organizations (CROs), including SOP, technical, HR, external, and research training. AmpleLogic Training Software aids in determining training requirements depending on a user’s Role. It’s also possible to create a department-specific training calendar, carry out and assess various forms of employee training programs, guarantee compliance through appropriate tracking, and keep training records annually with the creation of reports for management review.

AmpleLogic Learning Management Software enables you to easily develop and manage learning programs including instructor-led classroom sessions, on-the-job training, and induction programs as well as track, report and deliver them online and offline. It’s easy to teach your staff on SOPs with the LMS Solution. This helps your employees become more productive in their daily operations and operate on high-quality standards.

Employees in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical Industries are required to complete a variety of training programs that adhere to industry standards, including Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), Environmental Training, and Compliance Training. It’s important to note that all of these training follow SOPs and rules. The system is also intended to assure conformity to regulatory organizations and policies such as 21CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ISO, MHRA, GMP, and cGMP, as well as a variety of other regulatory standards.

Features & Capabilities of Learning Management System in Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Life Sciences

Course Creation and Management :

  • Using the AmpleLogic Learning Management System (LMS), you can centrally manage, develop, add, update, and deliver all of your training resources to your learners. The software supports different formats of content like word, pdf, PowerPoint, and video.
  • The course library can hold a wide range of educational resources that can be made readily available to students during training sessions.
  • Amplelogic Training may be incorporated with Document Management Software (DMS) to provide access to SOP documents.
  • Personalized courses may be built on the LMS Software and shared with learners immediately based on their level of induction training.

SCORM Compliant SOP Training Software :

 AmpleLogic GMP Training Software can integrate SCORM-compatible learning modules.

Induction Training and Employee Management :

Using the AmpleLogic Learning Management System, you can build an orientation program for new hires to help them settle into the workplace and their specific duties. The induction program may be customized to serve a single learner or a group of learners in the organization.

  • Job descriptions for newly hired employees can be created in the LMS solution, and current employee job descriptions can be updated or uploaded to the system.
  • Once new job responsibilities have been assigned, the AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS Software can automatically assign all necessary training needs to workers.

SOP Training at the time of joining (Orientation Program)

  • Amplelogic Online Learning Management Software enables training coordinators to build orientation programs for new hires or transferred workers.
  • The new hires or transferred workers receive training based on their prior experiences and the essential set of abilities required by the company.

On the Job Training

  • Departments can plan On-the-Job Training in advance using Amplelogic GMP Learning Management Software. The objective of this training is to ensure that each employee in that area is trained and competent to conduct the operation.
  • Department heads can map new hires for On-the-Job Training (OJT) using LMS systems. Included in it is all the information they need to be successful in their new position such as job skills, duties, expertise, and abilities.
  • Amplelogic’s skill development module enables department heads to evaluate employees’ competence concurrently, by enabling employees to work for a given duration and then evaluating the staff appropriately.

User Enrollment or Self-Registration

  • User accounts can be created singularly or in mass by inputting data into the AmpleLogic Pharma LMS Software system. It enables you to manage learner accounts, issue permissions, and enable learners to access courses and training resources.
  • Users, designated users, or user groups can be allocated to the learning course/training material, depending on their departments and what they do. The requirements for advanced courses can be configured such that they are only available to learners who have completed prerequisite training. Trainee s can also only access materials that are allocated to their online learning route.
  • Self-registration is available for training topics such as SOP’s, Policies, Work Instructions, and Guidelines, among others, as required by the learner. The learner can self-register for training courses from their “To-Do List” and continue with their role-specific training.
  • To make your workflow more effective and productive, AmpleLogic Learning Management Solutions lets you create groups of users and then assign learning courses to the entire group at once.

Training Sessions Schedule

  • We provide a variety of training sessions, including personal reading, classroom or offline coaching, practical demonstrations, and verbal instruction. You may plan training sessions that include or exclude assessment.
  • If an internal or external trainer or learner is not available on the scheduled day, the training sessions can be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Sessions can be rescheduled for learners with the system after the due date has passed.
  • The competent trainer will be able to mentor the trainees.

Role-Based Training (Training need)

  • Training is categorized based on the job responsibilities of the trainees. The technology allows for the creation of training tailored to certain roles.
  • As soon as the user validates the employee profile or position, the course will automatically appear in their To-Do list and send them auto-reminders about the training they need to undergo.
  • Workplace certification criteria can be tied into training materials, which can then be allocated to a certain work function. New training programs will be provided to workers who are moving into new jobs.

Assignment, Test, and Exams    

  • Different sorts of assignments can be created, such as multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, quizzes, blanks, random questions, sequential questions, and essay-type questions. You can also design assignments. When specific training modules are completed, assignments can be automatically assigned to learners.
  • The picture assessment feature in the AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS System gives learners an engaging learning experience. This might assist you in determining your knowledge of the subject.
  • Auto assignments of courses based on job roles can be generated by the LMS System.
  • Complexity of assignments or exams can be generated based on designation level.
  • The use of Learning Management Software (LMS) facilitates the administration of a timed test with a certain number of randomly selected questions from a question bank.

Temporary Role Management 

  • When an employee is absent or unavailable, the AmpleLogic Employee Training Management Software allows them to delegate their responsibilities to another employee.

Training Calendar

  • All your company’s training can be planned, created, scheduled, and tracked in one location, so you’ll always be up to date on everything.
  • Depending on the planner schedule, the system will automatically allocate learners to various training courses.
  • The department training coordinators can design training plans for the entire year with a suitable evaluation and authorization procedure within the system using the AmpleLogic Pharma LMS Solution.
  • As an employee uses LMS, he or she will be able to see the online training program calendar, which includes training courses, site and user/group activities, assignment due dates, and other things.
  • It is possible to plan instructor-led training (ILT), classroom, virtual, and other types of training with LMS.

Skill Gap Assessment

  • You may assess a company’s learners’ abilities and competencies to fulfil specific business objectives with the aid of an LMS. This involves doing a gap analysis of the learner’s skills and proposing particular learning routes to help the learner fill up the gap.

Test Scores, Grades, and Results

  • Test and assignment outcomes are shown as percentages, marks, grades, and pass/fail when they are completed.
  • The system gives learners test scores and marks based on their overall performance and assessment outcomes.

Skill Matrix

  • The AmpleLogic LMS System’s Skill Matrix will be able to offer insight into the abilities and competencies of employees at the level of an organization, department, or group.
  • Insights on employee skill ratings based on training or tests completed may be obtained quickly with this software. You may observe or follow their development as they work to enhance their own skill sets.
  • Using the Skills Matrix allows users, managers, and administrators to see a user’s job qualification status and identify the expertise required for that position, as well as the skills of specific workers.
  • You can discover training gaps and enhance organizational and individual performance by using the skill matrix function. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Instructor LED Training (ILT)

  • The LMS system makes it easy to set up, assign users, plan, and enroll learners for online or classroom training.
  • The LMS will enhance classroom-based learning activities such as organizing class schedules, tracking training attendance, and monitoring learner progress, among other things.
  • As a unique and holistic system, AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS Software can track both traditional classroom training as well as virtual live training, and it can also keep track of all workers’ ILT completion statistics.
  • Attendance may be tracked using biometrics during instructor-led training sessions.


  • A certificate may be given automatically following the requirements established for the online exam. Organizations can specify an expiration date for certificates in the system, which enables the timely renewal of certificates by alerting key people at the next re-training session.

Email Alerts, Notifications, and Escalation

  • The AmpleLogic LMS System has a function that allows you to send email reminders and alerts to learners about future training programs, overdue training, examinations, deadlines, course completions, and other events.
  • Set up automated reminders and alerts to equip registered learners with all the information they need regarding training programs or sessions that have been allocated to them.
  • This Pharmaceutical LMS System will inform users when they are enrolled in the system, when new learning courses are issued to them, and when deadlines for their training courses are approaching. 
  • It sends notifications depending on a fixed due date, the number of days remaining till the training is completed, or the absence of a due date.

Training Completion Tracking and Reporting

  • The result reports function allows you to keep tabs on an employee’s current and former work roles, together with data about lifetime training programs, learning sessions, and history.
  • Keep tabs on the performance of various user groups, such as divisions, departments, and so on.
  • To keep track of training statistics, the AmpleLogic LMS System keeps track of how many users or learners have completed training, how many have failed, and how many have not shown up for training at all.
  • The LMS solutions keep track of how well employees are doing on their training, ensuring that the training requirements of the organization’s workers are met. Training supervisors can keep tabs on each employee’s progress, including how much time it took to complete the training and how well they performed.

Insightful Reports

  • Course summary reports generated by AmpleLogic LMS allow you to examine all the data associated with a given course. Graphs and charts will be generated automatically in the form of GMP Compliance Training status Reports and other custom reports by this system.
critical reports
Learner ProgressEnrollment of users
Training attendanceCourse completion
Learners’ activity reportsOJT Reports
Grade ScoresExam performance
Issue of certificatesIncomplete courses
Performance evaluation reportsExternal Training Report
Induction Status reportFailed users for GMP and OJT
Curriculum ReportsJob role reports
  • Training progress reports can be generated for an individual course, event, or learning resource as well as for all learning activities across a group, location, or organization.
  • Add as many new reports and dashboards as you need to meet your unique needs.

Bio-Metrics System Integration

  • Using the AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical Employee Training Management System, you can track classroom attendance using a unique biometric fingerprint technology.
  • The system allows you to overwrite biometric credentials if necessary.

Benefits of SOP and GMP Training Software

Enhance Regulatory Compliance: 

  • You can manage learning and development with the aid of AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical LMS software that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 criteria such as audit trails, electronic signatures, and password authentication. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO, and other regulatory requirements for training records can be met by using this training management system in highly regulated sectors.

Access Anytime, Anywhere: 

  • With the AmpleLogic LMS system, users and learners may access the platform at any time and from any location. Because users may use the program from whichever device they choose and whenever it suits them, it is a popular solution for organizations with a variety of learning and development requirements.

Improved Productivity:

  • The use of a Learning Management System (LMS) can assist a company to become more productive by minimizing the time and effort required to manage a manual training system. The program makes it possible to update training materials and content more often while also reducing security risks and improving learning cycles. More productive hours can be obtained by the company as a result of this. The joint productivity levels of all employees in a firm lead to greater overall organization efficiency.


  • With many worldwide locations and subsidiaries, major corporations may find it difficult to handle manual training for all of their employees across the entire organization. A learning gap can be created, lowering the overall performance of trainees across disciplines and locations. Inconsistency in the training delivery can occur due to differences in training materials, on-the-job training, and evaluations, and other factors. All employees in a firm, no matter where they are located, can benefit from GMP Training Software by using a unified platform to complete their training activities. This allows learners from all around the world to undergo their training process equally and at the same time.

Streamlined training processes:

  • Individuals and groups can easily arrange and assign learning pathways using an online learning management system. Deadlines are tracked, and all training requirements are verified automatically. The administrator-user interaction is strengthened by this eLearning System. It facilitates the rapid creation of clusters or course loads.

Saves Time and training costs:

  • Physical training sessions may be highly costly under older systems. It may involve a variety of expenses, such as food and accommodation, renting training space, printing training materials, and paying external training specialists’ fees. Also, it may require a significant amount of time.  Facilitators and trainees may need to travel down from various locations to converge for the training. Companies avoid all of these constraints with the aid of the AmpleLogic Learning Management System (LMS). Users from all around the world can participate in a virtual training session that is provided to them. All of this can help you save time and cut costs.

Integration with third-party systems

  • AmpleLogic LMS can seamlessly be integrated with quality systems like quality management system, document management system, and other existing applications.
  • Any update in the document management system version will automatically trigger the need for GMP Training Software training requirements.

GMP Training Management Software from AmpleLogic meets electronic record requirements set by the TGA, CDSCO, HEALTH CANADA, MCC, ANVISA, EMEA, SFDA, NAFDAC, MEDSAFE, MHLW, MCAZ, SWISSMEDIC, KFDA, and MoH.

Other industries that can take advantage of SOP Training Schedules Tracking Software

  • Biologics
  • Medical Devices
  • Chemical
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverages

Please contact us to learn more about how AmpleLogic Learning Management Software for Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry can satisfy your organization’s training and certification demands.