Chemical Management Software for Pharmaceutical Industry

According to research, the overall cost of the chemical after its life cycle is greater than the real cost of the chemical in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) controlled environment. Inventory management, regulatory compliance, and disposal are all included in this cost.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies use AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software to manage the lifecycle of their chemicals, from approving chemicals being transported into the facility or site to monitoring all of your chemical inventory and saving associated paperwork.

The use of chemicals is maximized with AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software, which helps pharma and biotech companies save costs.

Shortcomings of manual paper-based process

  • Use of paper binder and spread-sheet method to manage chemicals manually
  • Incorrectly inputting data, failing to make inventory changes, or repeatedly adding the same products are typical manual updates re-writing mistakes
  • Keeping records and verifying chemical availability
  • It is difficult to keep track of when a product is about to expire
  • It takes longer to make decisions because of the manual status approval procedure currently in place, which also reduces productivity

Features of the AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software

  • In terms of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, MHRA, and GMP, this product complies with all of the major compliance criteria
  • Once the amount falls below a certain threshold, the system sends out an auto-alert notification
  • The AmpleLogic System prohibits concurrent reservations for the same chemical
  • You can track a chemical’s use or booking by printing reports
  • You can easily set up a unique workflow for reviewing and approving all new chemical goods with AmpleLogic Chemical Management Software Solution
  • The available quantity is updated regularly based on usage
  • The auto warning is created 30 or 45 days before the expiry date of the chemical to notify the user, and the schedule may be customized
  • When a chemical is finished or expired, an expiry notification is sent
  • Using this system, a standard barcode is generated for each chemical, and each barcode has a unique number
  • There’s an option to attach files with product data like batch/lot numbers and storage conditions if desired

Advantages of the Automated Chemical Management Solution

  • It minimizes waste caused by indiscriminate chemical use, therefore increasing production
  • The software prevents outdated chemicals from being used inappropriately
  • The automated chemical management Solution eliminates the daily difficulties associated with managing a chemical inventory
  • The decision-making process is accelerated with the assistance of system-generated reports
  • It also makes reporting and summarizing easier for stock and inventory control

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