Data Integrity has a crucial role to play in the Life Sciences Industry, as the quality of data affects product and patient safety.  We can see over the last few years; data integrity issues have also increased in FDA warning letters.

AmpleLogic is delighted to host the “AmpleLogic Pharma Summit”, taking place on 5th August 2022 at Cygnett Inn Paras, Dehradun. This uniquely curated event will take a deep dive into the data integrity challenges across the pharmaceutical industry and how new age technologies can help mitigate the challenges. 

The event shall have presence from the Industry leaders of Pharma Industry to conduct key note session, panel discussion, fireside chat series and GMP Training workshops. Discussion focusing on:

  • Understand the current regulatory framework and challenges of Data Integrity.
  • How to ensure Data Integrity is maintained through technology advancement.
  • Understanding the Key Concepts and approaches for a robust data governance system

Cygnett Inn Paras



Date : 5th August , 2022 

Time : 9 AM to 4 PM

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