Shilpa Medicare Limited goes live with AmpleLogic Electronic Document Management System

We are delighted to announce that AmpleLogic Electronic Document Management Software implementation went live at Shilpa Medicare Limited, India. This EDMS Software is very easy to use, highly scalable and supports millions of documents. It allows collaboration and increase productivity on different levels in the organization, making every document available in just a few seconds.

To learn more about our Electronic Document Management Solution features and functionalities, contact us for a demo on EDMS Software:  

About Shilpa Medicare Limited

Shilpa Medicare Limited, one of the largest specialty generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. Based in India, they have API and finished formulation production facilities while providing high-quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in over 100 countries globally. Shilpa Medicare Limited is establishing collaborations including in/out-licensing of products and technologies, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions as they strengthen their presence in other markets across the world.