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Sales Targeting

Amplelogic Sales Planning and Automated Targeting

Amplelogic Sales Planning and Automated Targeting software is a software to automate the manual sales targeting process by which the sales planning and targeting process become dynamic, simple and effective.

Our sales planning and automation process software helps in effective targeting across hierarchies and verticals with automated targets based on the past historical performances of sales professionals. This boosts the confidence and achievement percentage of the sales folks because our application’s motto is “No Over targeting and No Under targeting”.

Present Scenario:

Sales target is the goal setting process. Setting a realistic target requires good analysis of the past sales, market research, future growth and analysis of IMS Health (Intercontinental Marketing Services) data. 

Sales and strategy team are quite comfortable with setting target through excel template as they deal with multiple SKU/Products. 

Manual process can lead the company towards less growth or downfall which may lead to the non-potential use of sales team. At the same time unrealistic target also surpass their achievable number and motivation level. 

Features of Amplelogic’s Sales Planning and Automated Targeting process software:

  • The business users need not to learn new software but stick to the same excel view with a complete automation experience.
  • Cloud-based/ Server-based application access which can be opened through the browser.
  • Automated targets to the sales professional based on the past historical data and achievement percentage of various SKU across regions and verticals.
  • The auto triggering of spreadsheets with bifurcated targets for acceptance and adjustment can be done on monthly basis by Divisional Head/SM/RSM/ASM. 
  • Previous 3 years data can be imported from SAP/Sales-force/Market Research into AmpleLogic Database and generate the target for the current financial year based on predefined logic and algorithm. The generated target can be increased or decreased as per sales strategy. 
  • Accepted target information can be fetched back to SAP/Sales-force for comparison with last financial year target and for tracking actuals from Amplelogic Sales Flash tool for Automated MIS generation.

Some other critical features of Amplelogic’s Sales Planning and Automated Targeting process software:

  • All the SKU’s can be monitored and maintained by a single screen along with their information.
  • A Categorized cell with different color make task easy to perform (Only View and Edit).
  • Auto-calculated fields show the immediate effect while changing the value.
  • Empowered cells with validation and logic, in case of violation auto alert for the user.
  • Easy comparison of a contribution made in the last financial year to the target assigned in a current financial year.


  • Ownership with controlled role-based access to columns, cells and rows.
  • Supports large numbers of user’s base with pre-defined rules & historical data inputs.
  • Avoids multiple communications (top-down & bottom-up iterations).
  • No manual check on the current excel status as everything is visible on the dashboard pending status.
  • Data reconciliation is possible with elimination of differences at each stage of collation.
  • Addresses the real-life challenges like last minute changes to numbers, HQs, SKUs and also the ability to handle new SKUs, price changes, pack changes.
  • Tracks the inputs on pre-populated numbers & deviations from the rules at each stage of action.
  • Abnormal deviations across value, growth percentage, value generation and target acceptance have to be quantified with a comment which maintains a transparency throughout the process.
  • The preceding head has the complete picture of the targets v/s actuals as he/she can navigate directly to the view of the lowest level of the sales group and can view the screen of the subordinates which they have saved.
  • The democratization of data is possible as the same data can be viewed with access permissions granted in the admin module by various users and departments while keeping the sanctity as users can view the data but can’t edit the same.
  • Work offline-Don’t need to wait till the users are connected to the internet in remote areas to get the sales information. The business users can work offline, and the application automatically syncs with the server whenever the internet is connected.

Case Study

Case Study of
Dr. Reddy's

Sales targeting is the challenging task in pharma companies as they deal with 5000 - 12000 SKU's with 1000+ field staff.

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