Standards (Primary and Working) Quantity management and Tracking

Primary working Standards or reference Standard shows the suitable properties for the intended use.The demonstration of suitability being made without comparison to an existing standard.

Working Standards will be calibrated against the Reference Standard. Working standard is considered as the secondary standard and it must be qualified against a reference standard or primary standard. They are usually prepared In-house and qualified against the reference standard.

With the current manual log books it’s challenging to keep track of Availability of Quantity, Expiry date.

AmpleLogic Standards Management software allows you to manage and track the Primary Standards and working Standards with the following Field level details

  • Name of the standard.
  • Batch number / Lot number
  • Pharmacopeias status.
  • Storage condition.
  • Reference Standard Used
  • Date and time of standard entry
  • Quantity of standard used for analysis.
  • Analyst Name
  • Batch number product analyzed using this standard.

AmpleLogic Software Provides the Reports based on The Analyst, Batch # , Reference standard to Working Standard linkage
Auto alerts once quantity goes below certain limit