Why should you automate your manual paper-based logbooks?

eLog or logbook software helps to record all the details or logs at the right time. It also helps in verification, reviewing and approval of these details in logbooks.

Dispersion of logs between various departments such as quality, planning, production and maintenance increases the transparency of the production process of the organization.

Challenges with manual paper-based logbooks


Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies face many challenges while using manual paper-based logbooks.

  • Recording the details of equipment calibrations, usage logs, maintenance, cleaning and other details are very difficult using paper-based logs.
  • The manual process will increase the occurrence of errors, reduce productivity and also results in inaccurate estimates in the production or quality maintenance process.
  • Compliance issues will arise due to in-efficient paper-based logs. Validation process and the operational process becomes inaccurate due to errors while capturing the details or logs.
  • Logbooks should be verified infrequent intervals to ensure proper data collection throughout the time According to SOP procedures. This process becomes a huge task especially when you have a logbook for every step.
  • When there is any correction made in these details, records must be signed and authorized by the respective departments by stating the appropriate reason for the change. This process is very difficult to track and trace especially while following a manual approach.
  • A Regulatory compliant Electronic logbook can help you to overcome all the above challenges in data capturing in different departments of the organization.

Key Features of Electronic Logbook System(eLogs)

  •  Elog books allow you to access log reports in different file formats
  • Alerts and notifications are set to trigger automatically which helps to ensure various individual logs are up to date.
  • Clear workflow can be established and followed for different types of SOP’s to ensure transparency and visibility of processes for greater efficiency.
  • Maintenance of wide range of logs such as Equipment Cleaning Logs, Packing Material Logs, Out of calibration investigation logs, OOS Investigation Extension and Equipment calibration logs will become very easy.

Benefits of the eLog or logbook software System

  •  A lot of time will be saved and you can focus on key areas of your business where you can make a much greater impact.
  • Monitoring of the entire workflow and process becomes possible with elog system for greater control.
  • Complete elimination of paper can be achieved in data entry processes.
  • No need to printing loads of documents and also eliminate storage issues as all the data is available in the system itself.
  • eLog books provide exceptional level data integrity and security and prevents the danger of data loss.


Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are implementing the electronic logbook system which is helping them not only for easy data capturing but also for maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices effectively.

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