Low Code Application Development Platform

Having instant coffee, food, and other conveniences is a thrill. So, can we apply this to IT as well? Doesn’t an Instant Application sound helpful?

Consider the possibility of developing an app and putting it to use within a few hours.

Organizational business complexity is rising. The lifetime of apps is decreasing. Address the business issue, collect data, and discard the solution once the issue has been resolved. Low Code Application Development Platforms enable this in today’s environment.

The Amplelogic Low-Code Application Development Platform includes a drag-and-drop form designer. It is a workflow that connects the people and processes within your organization to those outside of it. With the assistance of a low-code platform such as AmpleLogic, you may more effectively handle your organization’s particular requirements and close gaps across your business processes.

Why Choose AmpleLogic Low Code Platform?

The Low Code Development Platform provided by AmpleLogic allows the creation of a large number of business apps visually utilizing a simple drag-and-drop method to combine application components. There is no longer a substantial need for handwritten code.

Using this new visual model method, your company can speed up the development of full apps by experts and developers. Instead of wasting time writing hundreds of lines of complicated computer code, they may focus on being more creative and inventive.

Another benefit of the AmpleLogic Low Code application development is that it enables non-programming personnel such as managers and business owners to swiftly transform their ideas or vision into commercial apps. More than 80% of your requirements can be met without writing a single line of code because of this system. Only in rare circumstances does extensive coding become necessary.

Low code development platforms give IT organizations, especially those short on technical personnel, a chance to keep up with the growing demand for applications and the corresponding requirements. Because of this low-code strategy, business apps may reach the market eight times faster than they would otherwise. With less time to develop, businesses are more productive, which helps keep costs down.

Developing apps using our Low Code Platform improves the efficiency of day-to-day tasks. A low-cost option is available if you lack the time or resources to construct your application from scratch using our Low Code web and application development platform.

It is possible to benefit from increased development cycle agility with the AmpleLogic Low Code App Development Platform. The efficiency of software developers is improved, development expenses are reduced, and many of the dangers associated with traditional software programming approaches are eliminated. The AmpleLogic platform’s easy design and user-friendliness make it an outstanding Self Service Platform, allowing users to quickly develop and update business processes with only a few mouse clicks.

Low Code Application Building Procedure

To build an application, you need to create forms, plan and execute processes, generate and analyze reports, and integrate the application with other systems. The Low Code Development Platform gives a competitive edge in terms of swiftly innovating and delivering new features.

Low Code Platform Feature Highlights

  • Enterprise-Class Applications may be built using the AmpleLogic Low Code Application Development Platform without writing a line of code. As a result, no prior technical knowledge is necessary to use the platform.
  • Advanced functionality necessary in enterprise apps are built into the AmpleLogic Low Code App Development Platform, so you save time, money, and effort when creating new apps with this platform.
  • It’s easy to turn problem statements that IT teams and companies experience regularly into applications that solve these issues.
  • Users will be able to securely access and control their apps built on this platform no matter where they are.
  • The ability to create applications quickly and distribute them to users immediately after publication.
  • Analyzing the information on the dashboard with the use of graphs and reports.
  • The AmpleLogic Low Code Platform does not have a language barrier, and the interface may be customized to meet the needs of the client.

Forms – Build Your Own Forms

AmpleLogic’s Low Code Platform has a simple interface with drag and drop functionalities and 28 Controls to handle data entry, verification, and business logic. The low-code app platform interface is intended to allow anyone to create customized forms in a matter of minutes rather than spending weeks coding and developing them. Table views, grid views, and even connecting forms and multi-user controls may all be created by users with the aid of this platform.

You may build any number and any sort of forms using this form generator function, including but not limited to suggestion forms, payment forms, lead generation forms, and draft sales quotes.

With this platform, you can not only choose the medicine at the best price, but you can also find a website where you can buy medicines safely.

  • Building a form using our platform does not need code, therefore you may do it even if you are not a developer.
  • Forms can be generated quickly and easily with only a few clicks, saving both time and effort.
  • Drag-and-drop fields allow you to insert various sorts of data on the form, such as contact information, address, feedback, and so on.
  • It’s easy to switch the field positions.
  • The customer may create whatever type of data-capture application they want using these forms.
  • Any workflow routing can make use of these forms.
Low Code  - AmpleLogic


Fig: Low Code Application Development Platform

Low Code Application


Fig: Low Code Platform – Workflow Configuration

Workflows – Configure your own workflows

AmpleLogic Workflow automates your process so that everyone involved in the process, including sales, finance, and human resources, can interact and collaborate on a single platform. Using the platform, you may set particular conditions and even designate responsibilities. Users may also set up notifications and deadlines to highlight different phases of a procedure. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple to create a diagram that depicts the procedure. At any stage in the workflow, you’ll be able to set confirmations, and you can even begin a modification request to send items back to a previous phase.

As workload and requirements change, the client may modify the applications themselves with AmpleLogic’s simple process, which suits every organization’s demands better than any other solution.

  • Processes of any complexity can be defined quickly.
  • Changes to the process are simple to implement. The process may be reorganized in a matter of seconds with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Set up routine tasks to deliver reports, notifications, and the like.
  • Notifications and status updates keep everyone in the team engaged and informed. Errors can be eliminated and communication can be enhanced.

Roles and Permissions

Decide on the roles that people will play in your company. Forms and reports that are related to your users’ positions or permissions may be made available to them by creating Users and assigning them roles.

At any point in the workflow, fields can be made editable, hidden, or read-only.

  • Role-based authorizations allow you to manage and control user access at the individual user level
  • Protect form’s data and ensure accountability with role-based access.
  • Secure access management makes data exchange inside the company simple.
  • Management transparency and reporting Internal state is simplified. This obviates the need for finger-pointing and ensures total transparency.

Form Reports and Advance Reports

Reports enable the collection of data in a variety of formats. It provides a variety of methods to view the data. The reports come in handy when a client wants to see all of the users’ most recent updates in one location. Any activity or task’s status may be seen right away.

Using Form Reports, clients can keep tabs on the status of any activity and see when it will be completed, as well as see where the obstacles are.

AmpleLogic Advanced Report makes it easier to create custom reports instead of tracking workflows using spreadsheets and emails. When it comes to raw data, these bespoke reports give clients practical information they can act upon.

Single Click Deployment

A single mouse click is all it takes to deploy from development to QA and then to production. It’s possible to accomplish it via application or by form. A rollback in production or QA is also an option.

Master Data

The process of creating master data is streamlined here. Simply click to import or export the master data. No matter how many objects are associated with the data, AmpleLogic Software allows us to import them all with only one import option.

Custom Applications through API Integration

Our AmpleLogic Platform can integrate with any third-party ERP system. For the most part, businesses conduct their company operations using third-party software, but these systems don’t always have all the capabilities needed for day-to-to-day tasks. To add features or enhance business processes, a third-party API connection enables the development of unique apps that link directly with your third-party software.

For organizations that need to combine various systems, AmpleLogic specializes in creating customized and custom-made solutions. API Documentation, which provides all the technical information needed by programmers to integrate the software into a bespoke application, should be provided by software providers.

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