AmpleLogic EMS

Environmental Monitoring System

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Product Safety

Heightened Environmental Monitoring for Lifesciences

Environmental Monitoring is critical in the regulated industries for ensuring compliance and product safety. By leveraging advanced functionalities like integrating existing systems, real-time monitoring, and easy tracking, businesses can optimize operations efficiently. Ensuring strict compliance and ensure product integrity using advanced sensors and analytics.

Automated monitoring

Excellent monitoring of the environment for microbial checks

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory standards like US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annexure 11, etc

Auto Alert System

Real-time alerts for exceeding predefined limits, adherence to sampling frequency and locations specified in SOPs

Easy Tracking

Improved tracking of contamination sources and their addressal

Why choose AmpleLogic EMS?

AmpleLogic Environmental Monitoring Solution stands for its robust features and benefits. Experience real-time environmental monitoring with advanced data tracking and customizable alerts. AmpleLogic’s EMS solution ensures compliance with regulations, enhances productivity, data integrity and accuracy, saving costs and rendering audit readiness.

Data Tracking & Analysis

Tracks comprehensive data of monitoring activities and provides extensive analysis

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface for easy navigation and operation

Report Generation

Generate real-time reports for quick decision-making and compliance documentation


Escalate your monitoring capabilities with your growing needs


Superior Environmental Monitoring Software for Quality Assurance

Automatic alerts for exceeding predefined limits

Ensure proactive management of environmental conditions. Immediate notifications for deviations, enabling swift corrective actions.

Detailed tracking of incubation and observation data

With Incubation, microbial contamination is detected, quantified, and controlled, thereby safeguarding product quality. Keep track of the entire incubation process used in testing protocols like Microbial air sampling, Surface sampling, Settle plate method, etc

Integration with existing systems

Allows for seamless data sharing and compatibility, enhancing overall monitoring efficiency and accuracy

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Stay always informed about environmental conditions. Generate real-time reports for quick decision-making and compliance documentation.

Contamination source identification

Detects and pinpoints the origin of contaminants (from HVAC systems or personnel or external sources) and enables timely intervention to maintain product integrity

Compliance with regulatory standards

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Meet FDA and MHRA standards with confidence.

User-friendly interface

Simplify environmental monitoring tasks. Intuitive interface for easy navigation and operation.

Customizable alerts and notifications

Tailor alerts to your specific needs. Set thresholds and parameters for personalized notifications.


Expand and handle increasing amounts of data and additional monitoring stations without compromising performance

Data security and integrity

Ensure the protection and accuracy of collected data, preventing unauthorized access


Frequently Asked Questions

Our solution provides automated monitoring, real-time alerts, and comprehensive data tracking to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Yes, our solution seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, reducing implementation time and costs.

Our solution facilitates easy identification of contamination sources through comprehensive data tracking and analysis.

Yes, our solution is scalable, allowing you to expand monitoring capabilities as your needs evolve.

We implement robust security measures to protect sensitive environmental data, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Our solutions are available and accessible globally, ensuring businesses worldwide can benefit from our expertise in quality management.

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