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Long Range Planning System

Strategize Business Planning with our Advanced LRP Solution

Make Better Business Choices with AmpleLogic Pharma LRP Software!

Introducing AmpleLogic LRP software, a unique solution tailored for the pharma industry to make better business choices! Our solution helps in forecasting future business needs, allocation of proper resources and alignment of long-term goals to help reach expectant business targets.

Business Forecasting

Create detailed business projections

Budget Planning

Develop budgets and financial plans

Resource Allocation

Optimize long-term resource distribution

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate potential risks

Process Validation Software
Why AmpleLogic Process Validation Software

Why choose AmpleLogic Pharma LRP Software?

AmpleLogic LRP software is one-of-a-kind solution for pharma that helps in better financial planning and business forecasting to meet business successes. Its performance tracking feature along with scenario analysis, business case and market trend analysis helps companies take improved business and sales decisions.

Performance Tracking

Monitor progress and adjust plans

Improved Decision Making

Provides data-driven insights for informed decisions

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhance stakeholder communication and coordination

Improved Financial Performance

Support better financial planning and management


AmpleLogic Pharma LRP Capabilities

Financial Planning

Develop comprehensive financial plans, including budgeting and financial performance analysis

Save Essential Product Data

Keep track of all product details and costings. Ensures you have all API details at one place (in Pharma)

Vendor Selection

Efficiently track vendor data, make price comparisons and select vendors according to your choice

Performance Tracking

Monitor progress against long-term goals and adjust plans as necessary

Month-wise Data Saved (Legacy)

Account month-wise sales details including API pricing, vendors, etc

Annual Forecasting

Annual business forecasting based on monthly costing and sales data

Ideal for Business Associates

Helps business associates make better decisions with more accountability

Data Management

Manage data efficiently with proper authorization, accuracy and visibility

Employee Performance Tracking

Track employee performance to meet required targets and more visibility

Customized Solution

Customize the solution based on your needs

Scenario Analysis

Evaluate different strategic options and their potential impacts

Strategic Alignment

Ensures that all long-term plans are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives

Role-Based Access

Role based access facilitating no data manipulation and proper authorization of details

Resource Efficiency

Helps in optimizing the use of resources, reducing waste and improving efficiency

Proactive Management

Allows businesses to anticipate challenges and opportunities, rather than reacting to them


Maintain a comprehensive log of all delayed or partially delayed dispatched products

Business Case Analysis

Go through business case analyses to check the negotiations involved in selling of a product

Forex Data

Record forex data easily. Get currency converted pricings that gets automatically registered by the system

API Consumption Record (for pharma)

Record APIs consumed for every country for each financial year


Frequently Asked Questions

AmpleLogic LRP software ensures compliance, maintains quality and safety, and supports continuous professional development.

AmpleLogic LRP is suitable for the pharmaceutical and other regulated industries.

AmpleLogic LRP complies with global regulations such as US FDA Part 11, ICH Q9, etc.

AmpleLogic LRP can be integrated with AL’s systems and other external systems.

Business Associates and upper management can benefit from this LRP system for improving business decisions.

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