About Us

About AmpleLogic | Low Code Platform for Building Enterprise Solutions

We UNLOCK the bridge between business and technology through Low Code Platforms.

AmpleLogic is the world’s premier provider in Low Code Solutions. With 15+ Commercial off-the-shelf applications, 170 + qualified engineers, and a 98% Project success rate, we have 100+ happy clients.  

AmpleLogic is the pioneer in offering multiple applications on a single platform which not only helps in your Business Process Automation and Integration but also Business Excellence and guides customers towards proactive quality. 

We help you build applications and workflows rapidly, with a low-code automation platform. We combine people, technologies, and data in a single workflow to maximize your resources and dramatically improve business results.

Our innovative solutions and expertise represent over ten years of working with leading companies in the life sciences for the development and distribution of products such as eQMS, LMS, DMS, eLogs, and eBMR. 

Enterprises Automation Problems

Quite a number of companies have expressed their displeasure at the restrictive nature of manual procedures and how it limits effectiveness and accuracy. Having to handle software products that need numerous technology stacks and work on separate platforms is a problem for companies that are new to technology. The effect of this is that organizations have to deal with huge debts from support tickets and AMC’s on each of the applications they use from different sellers. To support the apps, they are also expected to manage difficult IT facilities.

IT Companies Problems

Problems like lack of a system that allows codes to be reused, the impermanence of employees, regular changes in the dynamics of technology, and inconsistency in customer requirements have reduced the success rate of many IT companies on projects to between 50%-60%.

Our solutions take a visual modeling approach, in which the usage of graphical representations assists business teams in visualizing their needs at the initial stages of the project, leading to a high project success rate.

A low code platform can seamlessly blend with other software products and host all apps in the same place to guarantee your systems perform very well. This is why AmpleLogic adopts it to find a solution to the problems of its customers through offering IT services and inventing products.

For digital transformation to be successful, automation is a critical and strategic component. A new breed of business solutions is required in today’s contemporary and dynamic surroundings.

The Low-Code Solutions from AmpleLogic can help you with your business automation requirements

Whatever your environment’s intricacy and where you are on the digitalization path, an automation plan may help you enhance existing operations. Using automation, you can enhance employee happiness, raise quality, and cut expenses throughout your business.

Up to this point, AmpleLogic has already developed 16 successfully utilized automated business processes in the life sciences industry and improved their operational efficiency. Our solutions are developed 10 times faster and at a 40% lower cost than our rivals. We assist businesses in automating operations in sales, supply chain, IT infrastructure, and finance by focusing solely on LOW CODE IT services. Our products and services are used by more than 100 businesses in the health sciences, automotive, semiconductor, power & energy, manufacturing, and FMCG industries.