About Us

About AmpleLogic | Low Code Platform for Building Enterprise Solutions

AmpleLogic is a leading Low Code Solutions provider established in 2010. The company currently focuses on building solutions for the life sciences industry using the ‘LOW CODE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM‘. Having successfully developed and deployed products like eQMS, LMS, DMS, eLogs, and eBMR, AmpleLogic was created to solve two major concerns faced by the Enterprises and IT Companies

Enterprises Automation Problems

A lot of companies have voiced their concerns about the limiting methods involved in manual procedures which reduce efficiency and lack precision. For companies that are beginning to embrace technology, their primary concern is having to deal with multiple software products which work on different platforms and require multiple technology stacks. As a result, organizations incur huge costs on Support tickets, as well as AMC’s from multiple vendors for each application they use and are required to maintain a complex IT infrastructure to support the Apps.

IT Companies Problems

A lot of IT companies are working with a 50%-60% project success rate because of disconnects caused by developer mindset, No proper code reusability framework, employee instability, rapid technology changes and frequent changes in the customer requirements.

AmpleLogic solves its customer’s problems by building products and offering IT Services on a single LOW CODE Platform, which hosts all apps in one place and can easily integrate with other software products to provide you with better performance of your resources. Our solutions have a visual modeling approach where the use of graphical representations helps the business teams in realizing their requirements visually during early days of the projects, results in high project success Rate.

AmpleLogic Low Code Solutions Can Support Your Business Automation Needs

Automation is an essential and strategic component of digital transformation needs. Now a days modern and dynamic environments need a new type of business solutions that can improve the speed, scale and stability across the enterprise

No matter the complexity of your environment or where you are on your digitalization journey, an automation strategy can help you improve existing processes. With automation, you can save time, improve employee satisfaction, increase quality, and reduce costs throughout your organization.

AmpleLogic delivers solutions with 98% success rate. So far, AmpleLogic has already built 16 ready to use products which automate existing business processes followed in the Lifesciences Industry and support operational efficiency for the companies who adopt these solutions. Our solutions are developed 10 times faster by keeping the cost 40% lower than our competitors. With a dedicated focus on LOW CODE IT services, we help organizations to automate processes in the areas of sales, supply chain, IT infrastructure, and finance. Our products and services are in use at 80+ organizations in the life sciences, automobile, semiconductor, power & energy, manufacturing and FMCG sectors.