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Serving the Lifesciences with a Robust Commitment for Compliance, Quality, and Innovation since 2010

Our Story

We began our journey in 2010, with the goal to be “One stop shop for Lifesciences Industry” by offering IT Services quicker, by creating COTS Software, in order to minimize the integration challenges.

In today’s world LOW CODE companies and COTS Software companies offer their services in silos. However, AmpleLogic simplifies the industry challenge by delivering both COTS Products and IT services on LOW CODE NO CODE (LCNC) PLATFORM and accelerates automation and reduced integration cost.

Using next-generation ‘Low Code No Code (LCNC Development) Platform’ technology, our IT solutions/low code solutions enable organizations to re-imagine their business by moving towards digitalization and automation over manual paper-based operations.

Today AmpleLogic owns 18+ COTS Products that are in compliant with regulatory requirements including USFDA (Food and Drug Administration), 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, EU Annex 11, GMP, GAMP, and ISO and we continuously invest in launching minimum 2 products a year.

Message from CEO

“We started AmpleLogic a decade back with the goal to accelerate digitalization of Lifesciences Industry with our LOW CODE NO CODE (LCNC) PLATFORM, allowing business transformation to meet their customer demands. Today we are the choice of Fortune 500 companies”

Manne V. Chowdary

CEO and Founder
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Our Mission & Vision


Our objective is to provide enterprise-grade applications while also exploring new methods to improve company models.


We have taken a different approach to software development by creating an intelligent, declarative, “Low-Code No-Code (LCNC)” Platform. Our mission is to empower all people to innovate, to create business apps themselves, and to use these apps every day with their teams.

How did we solve industry problem?

In today’s world we can see LOW CODE companies and COTS Product companies offering services in silos. AmpleLogic believes in delivering COTS Products on LOW CODE NO CODE (LCNC) PLATORM to address the current challenges of

We are PROUD to be the choice of
Fortune 500 Companies

Our Culture

At AmpleLogic, we are a passionate team of people focused to deliver world class solutions and experience to all our customers

Improve Quality. Increase Efficiency. Ensure Compliance.

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