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Calibration & Preventive Maintenance Software

Streamline Calibration and Preventive Maintenance with AmpleLogic

Enhance Calibration in Lifesciences with AmpleLogic CAPS Solution

AmpleLogic’s CAPS Solution has been built to ensure that instruments and equipments in the lifesciences, pharmaceutical and biopharma industries are calibrated properly to maintain required product quality and compliance. With on time calibration and preventive maintenance increase efficiency, decrease burden, and develop an efficient calibration program that conforms with 21 CFR Part 11 as well as EU Annex 11 regulations.

Optimize Processes

Efficient calibration and preventive maintenance of equipment

Calibration Forecasting

Displays upcoming deadlines for calibration or preventive maintenance

Job Order

Streamlining task management with asset clearance, resource assignment, and scheduling, ensuring timely completion and optimal resource utilization.

Quality Assurance

Facilitates regulatory compliance and quality assurance


Why choose AmpleLogic Calibration & Preventive Maintenance Software?

Optimize Calibration and Preventive Maintenance with AmpleLogic’s CAPS! It comes with superior features like calibration scheduling, forecasting, real-time and colour-coded alerts, Streamlined equipment disposal, etc. With CAPS solution enhance operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and quality assurance!

Regulatory Compliance

Complies with regulatory standards put forward by organizations such as FDA, PDA, EMA, etc

Record Keeping

Tracks equipment details and maintenance frequencies

Flexible Scheduling

Allows creation, updating, or rejection of schedules at any equipment life stage

Priority Alerts

Highlights critical preventive maintenance schedules for immediate attention.


Schedule Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Effectively

Annual Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Create annual Preventive Maintenance schedules for all equipment in production blocks and Quality Control departments, including large machinery and PLCs

Visibility & Real-time Information

Renders complete visibility for usage logs and real-time information on the state of equipment and devices

Streamlined Equipment Disposal

Offers distinct process flow when an equipment is out of calibration or has been dumped. Provides procedure on discarding equipment as well

Record Maintenance

Maintenance records, calibration dates, and activities are meticulously logged, with the system retrieving prior calibration and preventative maintenance details

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified about upcoming preventive maintenance of equipment’s

Colour-Coded Calendar

Facilitates easy identification of calibrations and maintenance activities, displaying the current status, next due date and last calibration date

Enhanced Visibility

Examine ongoing and forthcoming calibration and preventive maintenance routines depending on location and department

Track Progress

Effectively track progress of inquiries for Out Of Calibration (OOC) records and take appropriate remedial action in a timely way

Calibration Date Generation

Provides calibration target date based on user preset calibration intervals and timeframe computed

Calibration Tag & Certificate Generation

After successful calibration, generate calibration tags and certificates automatically

Report Generation

Automatically generate calibration reports

Detect Calibration Errors

Learn about calibration errors that occurred during the reporting period

Advance Integration

Integrates perfectly with other systems such as eBMR (Batch Manufacturing Record), QMS (Quality Management System), etc, and with external data sources.

Enhanced Efficiency

Increases efficiency and decreases equipment idle time by ensuring accessories, supplies and other inventory levels are ready to use

Follow Regulations and SOPs

Keep records in accordance with authorized regulations and the SOPs of the organization

Review Records

Seamlessly examine and validate equipment records


Frequently Asked Questions

AmpleLogic LRP software ensures compliance, maintains quality and safety, and supports continuous professional development.

AmpleLogic LRP is suitable for the pharmaceutical and other regulated industries.

AmpleLogic LRP complies with global regulations such as US FDA Part 11, ICH Q9, etc.

AmpleLogic LRP can be integrated with AL’s systems and other external systems.

Business Associates and upper management can benefit from this LRP system for improving business decisions.

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