AmpleLogic MES

Manufacturing Execution System

Drive Process Excellency with AmpleLogic MES

Elevating Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations

AmpleLogic MES addresses the unique challenges of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes with optimized worksheet preparation and shop floor execution. The cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System helps businesses streamline and track their product manufacturing lifecycle from planning to final packaging with real-time insights. Its robust features ensure compliance with regulatory norms, superior data integrity and easy understanding of workflow and activities.

Tailored Customization

Address specific manufacturing requirements effortlessly

Seamless Integration

Real-time integration with equipment, SAP and other ERP systems, and applications

Enhanced Security

Electronic signatures and audit trails ensure data confidentiality and traceability

Continuous Improvement

Regular product upgrades ensure organizations stay ahead of industry standards

Why Choose AmpleLogic MES?

AmpleLogic MES delivers unparalleled advantages to pharmaceutical manufacturers with Shop floor execution, auto in-process checks and result validation. With dynamic dashboards, exception handling and real-time alerts, the software streamlines operations, mitigating compliance risks and boosting productivity. Experience the power of complete customization, seamless integration and top-notch security with AmpleLogic MES. Our solution ensures regulatory compliance with operational excellence and maintain the highest quality assurance standards.

Batch Planning

Streamline batch planning, issuance, and approval processes

Master Record Management

Maintain accurate records of raw materials, equipment, and SOPs

Recipe Management

Ensure precise dispensing, manufacturing, and packing processes

Electronic Batch Record

Integrate equipment and capture operator-based events seamlessly


Meet Process Excellence With AmpleLogic MES

Design Batch Template

Streamline batch planning, issuance and approval processes for enhancing operational agility

Streamline Processes

Simplifies workflows and reduces inefficiencies, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness

Auto Validation

Ensures that production processes and outputs meet predefined standards and specifications, enhancing accuracy and compliance

On Screen SOPs

Provides real-time SOPs to guide operators through production processes, ensuring consistency and adherence to best practices

Shop Floor Execution

Real-time tracking of production processes ensuring efficient workflow management. Enables immediate response to issues, optimizing productivity and maintaining product quality

Guided Processes

Offers instructions and prompts to assist operators through each stage of production, improving efficiency and reducing errors

Animated Activity Status

Aminated icons of activity status helps associates easily understand the current ongoing activity taking place without hindrance

Detailed Indexing

BMR number assigned to each product type and separate batch number given for easy tracking and assessment of product

Detects Discrepancies

Swiftly detects and resolves non-conformances and deviations with an efficient exception handling module

Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails

Electronic signatures ensure proper authorization, traceability, and compliance with regulatory standards. Keep record of audit trials across different fields

Reminders & Alerts

Receive timely reminders for pending tasks and alerts for escalations for batch record approval. Automated email alerts for each stage of batch record approval

Product Label Management

Manages product labelling within the system. Centralized control for product label consistency

Track User Activity

Monitor user activity with precise date and time stamps

Execution and Monitoring

Manages and tracks real-time production processes, ensuring efficient operations and adherence to schedules

Production Scheduling

Coordinates and optimizes the allocation of resources and tasks to meet production goals efficiently

Modular Design

Tailor processes with drag-and-drop interface for each batch. Effortlessly manage specific activities for individual batches

Seamless Integration

Integrate with internal and third-party applications like SAP, DMS, eQMS etc. for data extraction

Packaging Components

Handle diverse packing requirements according to product

Barcodes and QR Codes

Improved traceability with barcode technology

Product Label Management

Manages product labelling within the system. Centralized control for product label consistency

Future Idea

Graphical representation, contextual search and voice recognition for addressing challenges of tomorrow

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature helps in authenticating processes thereby adhering to regulatory compliances proposed by US FDA, EU EMA, etc

Role Based Access

Role-based access for handling different layers of a process according to professional experience and learning


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Frequently Asked Questions

Through features like electronic signatures, audit trails, and adherence to global regulatory standards.

Yes, it offers 100% customization based on client needs, ensuring suitability for diverse production environments.

It provides complete electronic records, ensuring organizations are prepared for regulatory audits at all times.

With features like dynamic dashboards and automated notifications, it facilitates seamless collaboration and communication.

With its faster deployment process and continuous product upgrades, organizations can experience enhanced efficiency within a short timeframe.

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