Management Information Systems

MIS – Management Information Systems

Main Challenge

Manual efforts in producing sales reports, financial plans, and budgeting and expenses reports can be time-consuming. You’d have to prepare many reports on spreadsheets to send to hundreds of departments, plus thousands of users would complete separate spreadsheets and send them all back to the proper departments. It could take months to calculate some of the profit/loss reports, cash flow statements, and inventory reports the company requires for making the right financial decisions.

The extensive process can lead to errors, missing data, and improper conversions. A management information systems can work, but many businesses aren’t willing to manage some of the more intricate aspects of these setups.

The calculations necessary for work must be streamlined for the best possible results. A single web interface that can automatically consolidate your data will be necessary. 

Management Information System Software

  • The AmpleLogic platform uses one web excel interface that consolidates data in moments.
  • The workflow setup helps you assign tasks and deadlines to people.
  • The streamlined low code approach to reporting prevents errors.
  • You can control your data with secure access to certain users. You can prepare these permissions to prevent data from going to the wrong parties.
  • Currency conversions work for international operations. These can link with various existing third-party systems and can receive automatic data as necessary.
  • You can connect multiple templates with each other. The templates will feature the relevant data on an account, helping you to manage G/L accounts.
  • You can complete reports in one day on average versus four to six weeks.

Sample View of MIS Solution

Login Screen Appearance


Login Page with username and password as shown in below figure.

User Login Page Appearance

After logging in, the user can review the submenus to find what one wishes to information system

MIS System Excel Interface

Web-based excel interface is created like an excel to regain the feel with secure access and easy to use.
Management Information Systems

You can copy and paste the bulk data in Excel, or you can import or upload an existing sheet. The platform also shows many options for entering values in a cell, including Editable and Non-Editable options. You can restrict access to different parts of a spreadsheet based on a user’s level or permissions for operation.

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