MIS – Management Information Systems

Currently Pharmaceutical Industry maintains MIS activities Manually. From creation of sales reports, financial projections, budgeting, and expenditure can be tedious. For hundreds of departments, you would have to produce lots of reports on spreadsheets, and thousands of users would each fill their spreadsheet and return it to the appropriate department. Several of the profit/loss reports, cash flow statements, and inventory reports needed by the firm to make sound financial decisions might take weeks or even months to prepare.

The complex process may cause mistakes, omissions, or incorrect conversions. Many companies are unwilling to manage some of the more complex components of management information systems, despite their potential benefits.

To get the greatest outcomes, all work-related computations must be simplified. It will be important to have a single online interface where all of your data may be consolidated.

Management Information System Software

  • The AmpleLogic platform consolidates data in a jiffy using a single online spreadsheet interface
  • The workflow setup makes it easier to distribute assignments and deadlines among your team members
  • Errors are prevented by using the simplified low-code reporting technique
  • Limiting access for only a few people gives you complete control over your data. To keep unauthorized people from seeing your data, set up these permissions in advance
  • For foreign businesses, currency conversions are effective. These may be linked to a variety of third-party systems and can automatically receive data as needed
  • Different templates can be linked together. The templates will provide you with important information about an account, making it easier for you to keep track of G/L accounts
  • On average, you can finish reports in one day instead of four to six weeks with the old way of doing things

Sample View of MIS Solution

Login Screen Appearance

Login Page with username and password as shown in below figure.

Management Information System Login Screen

User Login Page Appearance

After logging in, the user can review the submenus to find what one wishes to manage.MIS Application Menu View

MIS System Excel Interface

Web-based excel interface is created like an excel to regain the feel with secure access and easy to use.
MIS Application Interface

You may import or upload an existing Excel sheet, or you can copy and paste the bulk data into the spreadsheet. Editable and Non-Editable cells are both available on the platform for entering data. Restrictions can be set up on the spreadsheet to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to certain sections.

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