AmpleLogic QC Planning

QC Planning and Scheduling Software

Revolutionize QC Lab Operations with AmpleLogic QC Planning Software

Unlock Efficiency in QC Labs with AmpleLogic QC Planning & Scheduling Software

AmpleLogic QC Planning and Scheduling Software empowers Life Sciences industry undertake advanced planning and scheduling of QC processes, enhancing resource utilization, ensuring timely sample analysis and complying with FDA quality control.

Automated Efficiency

Effortlessly plan, schedule, and track laboratory activities.

Resource Optimization

Maximize analyst productivity and instrument utilization.

Real-time Visibility

Instantly view lab performance and resource allocation.

Compliance Assurance

Aligns with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, EU Annex 11, and other regulatory standards.

Why choose AmpleLogic QC Planning and Scheduling Software?

AmpleLogic QC Planning and Scheduling Software is compliant with FDA quality control. It stands out for its robust capabilities and benefits. From resource planning to compliance adherence, AmpleLogic QC Planning Software ensures unparalleled efficiency in QC lab operations. The real time scheduling software allows organizations to:

Improved Decision-Making

Generate user-configurable reports for informed decision-making

24*7 Accessibility

Accessible from any system at anytime

Secure Audit Trails

Produces a comprehensive user audit trail report with e-signature

Track Performance

Track individual analyst performance and identify areas for improvement

Features of AmpleLogic QC Planning Software

AmpleLogic QC Planning Software offers a comprehensive set of features to transform QC lab operations

Paperless Lab Scheduling

Create shift-based plans with resource availability consideration. Effortlessly schedule and reschedule daily lab activities.

Short and Long-term Scheduling

Plan tests with accurate resource needs for optimal lab efficiency. Create schedules with a single click based on unique organizational requirements.

Automated Sample Campaigning

Group samples based on pre-defined criteria for efficient analysis. Prioritize urgent analyses with separate test schedules.

Calendar-based Scheduling

View daily, weekly, monthly, or annual schedules for analysts.Color-coded schedules for easy identification of critical tasks and delays.

Real-time Visibility

Get instant insights into lab performance and resource utilization. Customizable reports for tracking individual and overall lab efficiency.

Email Notifications

Automated communication for scheduled activities and escalations. Keep analysts informed and aligned with scheduled tasks.

Resource Blocking

Automatically block resources during OOS or Root Cause analysis. Ensure transparent and complete view of lab performance.

Capacity Planning

View tasks assigned to analysts, time spent, and estimated durations. Optimize resource allocation with real-time data.

Regulatory Compliance

Complete audit trail, electronic signatures, and field-level security. Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, EU Annex 11, and other standards.

Customizable Reports

Create reports, charts, and dashboards tailored to specific needs. Monitor key performance indicators based on samples, completion times, and employee performance.

TAT Compliance

Compliance with Turnaround time (TAT), a key performance indicator for laboratory performance

OOS Reports

Create Out of Specification reports following user-defined templates

Task Scheduler

Task scheduler guided by analyst insights orchestrates efficient workflows with precision

Equipment Blocking

Scheduled equipment blocking ensures efficient resource allocation and minimizes operational disruptions

Equipment Occupancy Report

Track machinery utilization, get insights into equipment downtime and usage patterns for streamlined production planning

Upcoming Biometric Integration

Biometric attendance system enhances efficiency and accuracy in tracking attendance data

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it adheres to FDA 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, EU Annex 11, and other global regulatory standards.

The software tracks individual analyst efficiency, identifies delays, and provides insights for improvement.

Yes, AmpleLogic QC Planning Software easily integrates with ERP, legacy systems, and other data sources.

The software allows separate test schedules for urgent analyses based on predefined criteria.

AmpleLogic QC Planning Software provides a clear, prioritized schedule, supports allocation based on criticality, due dates, and workloads.

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