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Laboratory Information Management System

Elevate Your Laboratory Efficiency with our Advanced LIMS Solution

Revolutionizing Laboratories with Unmatched LIMS Solutions

Transform your lab with our cutting-edge Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Seamlessly integrating sample, instrument and mobile solutions, our advanced LIMS ensures precision, efficiency, and collaboration. Elevate your operations to new heights today!

Adaptive Workflow Automation

Our LIMS adapts workflows for evolving needs, minimizing user involvement.

Intuitive Data Insights

User-friendly reports and robust trend analysis tools for proactive decision-making.

Comprehensive Instrument Management

Beyond real-time monitoring, our LIMS optimizes instrument utilization and maintenance scheduling.

Seamless Collaboration Tools

Foster collaboration securely, locally or globally, setting us apart from competitors.

Why choose AmpleLogic LIMS?

AmpleLogic LIMS is a leading solution in laboratory management, offering advanced digital infrastructure for enhanced data control and workflow efficiency. Choose AmpleLogic LIMS for its premier features empowering laboratories across various fields.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize workflows, reduce manual tasks, save time, and improve accuracy of data and outcomes.

Real-time Monitoring

Get real-time insights into your lab's status, sample progress, workflow updates, and project status for enhanced visibility.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilize easy-to-use reports and powerful trend analysis tools to gain valuable insights for preventing and resolving issues proactively.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry standards like GMP, GXP, ISO 17025, 21 CFR Part 11, etc., to maintain data integrity and track samples effectively.

Advanced LIMS Capabilities

Streamlined workflows, real-time monitoring, and
precision in every aspect

Sample Management

Ensure sample integrity and accuracy through effective shipment, accessioning, and inventory procedures.

Lab Automation

Seamless integration with liquid handling instruments and synthesis workstations for enhanced workflow automation.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Interactive dashboard for easy access and fast implementation

Instrument Management

Monitor instrument status in real-time, optimize resource allocation, and schedule maintenance tasks.

Effective Data Management

Manages data efficiently for error-free laboratory experimentation and record keeping

Mobile LIMS

Convenient tablet interface for effortless procedures, sample collection, and processing.

Inventory Management

Monitor items’ whereabouts, expiration dates, and set up automatic reorder notifications.

IOT Device Integration

Integrates excellently with IOT devices such as sensors, actuators or appliances

Collaborative Work Environment

Securely collect and share real-time data for enhanced collaboration locally or globally.

Integration Capability

Integrates with standard, chemical, column, stability and QMS systems

Laboratory Management

Efficiently manage resources, gain clear insights, track timelines, and allocate resources effectively.

Dashboard and Lab Data Visualization

Effortlessly monitor performance and assigned tasks through intuitive dashboards.

SOP Compliance

Guide analysts through processes and ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Enterprise Integration

Easily integrate with MES, ELN, CDS, QMS, DMS and other ERP systems for seamless enterprise-wide connectivity

Drag and Drop Facility

Drag and drop feature gives excellent control to end-users and highlights number of tests applicable for every user

Analyst Qualification

Analyses professionals suited for a job thus, reducing time and promoting efficiency

Bar Code Handling

Efficiently track and identify samples, instruments and other lab items to record data, streamline workflows and reduce errors in sample processing and analysis

Training Analysis

Analyse training details of employees and any lacking that needs to be addressed through upskilling with new courses

Upcoming Features

Render control to the end user to add data in the document and prepare worksheet without getting into the system

Specialized Solutions for Every Need

Amplelogic LIMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is crucial for efficient data management, workflow optimization and regulatory compliance in laboratories.

AmpleLogic LIMS aligns with industry regulations including GxP, ISO 17025, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and seamlessly integrates with identity and access management systems.

Yes, AmpleLogic LIMS offers flexibility with both on-premises and cloud deployment options, minimizing initial hardware and IT expenditures.

LIMS ensures adherence to various regulatory standards, establishes sample traceability, and maintains detailed audit trails for compliance with industry regulations.

AmpleLogic LIMS enables secure real-time data collection and sharing, fostering collaboration among laboratory teams locally and globally.

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