AmpleLogic eBMR

Electronic Batch Manufacturing Record

Unlock Efficiency in Regulated Industries with AmpleLogic eBMR

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

AmpleLogic eBMR stands out with its modular design and low code platform, offering tailored solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With features like real-time integration, dispensing modules, and electronic signatures, it ensures compliance with global regulatory standards.

Customizable Modular Design

Tailor processes for each batch effortlessly.

Seamless Integration

Real-time visibility with ERP, LIMS, and other systems.

Exception Handling

Detect and resolve irregularities with precision.

Authentication & Traceability

Active Directory integration, biometrics, and barcodes for enhanced security.


Why choose AmpleLogic eBMR?

AmpleLogic eBMR boosts productivity by automating quality checks, cutting compliance costs, and streamlining batch reviews. Its electronic records prevent errors, ensuring precise decision-making. The software speeds up product changes, meets regulatory standards, and improves efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Features of
AmpleLogic eBMR

Modular Design

Tailor processes with a drag-and-drop interface for each batch. Effortlessly manage specific activities for individual batches.

Integration Capabilities

Real-time visibility and traceability with ERP, LIMS, and other MES control systems. Seamless coordination across different departments for improved efficiency.

Dispensing Module

Specify raw materials and weight-age calculations. Optimize material management with precise dispensing.

Packing Components

Manage scenarios involving bi-layer and co-packing. Efficiently handle diverse packing requirements.

Electronic Batch Records Module

Facilitates routing, reviewing, and approval of manufacturing records. Streamlined batch review process for increased productivity.

Exception Handling Module

Ensure accurate user data input and streamline registration by implementing validation mechanisms. Detect and swiftly address irregularities in manufacturing to maintain process efficiency.

Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails

Robust E-Signature and thorough Audit Trails guarantee secure, traceable records of user actions and document approvals across all modules.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Enables tracing of actions for rooms, equipment, material, and product. Improved traceability with barcode technology.

Notifications and Escalation

Automated email alerts for each stage of batch record approval. Enhanced communication and timely responses.

Product Label Management

Manages product labeling within the system. Centralized control for product label consistency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Through electronic signatures, audit trails, and a structured batch records system.

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with ERP, LIMS, and other MES control systems.

It detects and resolves irregularities in manufacturing processes, ensuring smooth operations.

It allows specifying raw materials and weight-age calculations for precise dispensing.

Apart from pharmaceuticals, it caters to biologics, medical devices, CDMOs, chemical, generics, and more.

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