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User Access Management

Empower Your Security with AmpleLogic UMS

Transforming Access Management in Life Sciences

AmpleLogic’s innovative User Access Management software is specifically built for the regulated industries to keep up with compliances. Keep your data secure with a superior software that provides role-based access closely aligned with your responsibilities. Execute secure audits with AmpleLogic’s UAM system ensuring compliance and strengthening data security.

Efficient Access Provisioning

Automated onboarding and offboarding processes streamline user life cycle management.

Seamless Integration

Integration with Active Directory, SAP, HRMS, and LDAP ensures a cohesive user access system.

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to FDA, MHRA, ISO, EU Annex 11 and other global standards.

Optimized License Management

A sophisticated license manager ensures efficient utilization and prevents unnecessary costs.

Why choose AmpleLogic UMS?

Choose AmpleLogic UMS for unparalleled access management. Our system not only provides robust security but also offers features such as:

Automated Access Requests

Eliminate manual paperwork, ensuring quicker and error-free access requests.

Role-Based Permissions

Effortlessly manage permission levels based on organizational structures. With AmpleLogic UMS, experience unparalleled efficiency and security.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Generate detailed audit reports with e-signatures for compliance and security assurance.

Data Security

Ensures protection and integrity of data stored electronically, safeguarding it from unauthorized access, alteration, or loss.


Unleashing the Power
of AmpleLogic UMS

AmpleLogic UMS boasts a rich set of features tailored
for the regulated environment.

Application and License Manager

Effortlessly manage user licenses and permissions across software applications.

User Life Cycle Management

Automate onboarding and offboarding processes, populating Active Directory seamlessly.

User Access Reports

User access data is recorded systematically to generate reports on active and deactivated users and keep track of their employment details

AD Account Creation & Deactivation

Bulk Active Directory (AD) accounts can be created in a single instance. Streamlined account deactivation helps in balancing license of softwares and instruments

Unique Username

Generates unique username for each employee which cannot be used by another user

Role Addition & Deletion

Role additions, deletions for any software by viewing the currently holding roles in the system

Electronic Access Requests

Utilize a web-based system for efficient and paperless access requests.

Secure Audit Trails

Generate comprehensive audit reports with detailed user duties and e-signatures.

Changes in Role Permissions

Set different permission levels based on the organizational structure.

User Access Permission Reports

Automatically generate reports showcasing software/instrument access.

Account Deactivation Instantaneously

Receive email notifications for scheduled deactivations, aiding license management.

Managing Compliance Over Time

Adheres to regulatory standards including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, ISO, EU Annex 11.

Enhanced Efficiency

Responds promptly to user needs, ensuring better service delivery.

Cost Reduction

Increases cost-efficiency and employee productivity, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

The system automates the process, seamlessly integrating with HR systems and Active Directory for efficient onboarding.

Absolutely, the system efficiently manages user licenses and permissions across a wide array of software applications.

AmpleLogic UAM adheres to US FDA, MHRA, ISO, EU and other global regulatory bodies providing a secure and compliant environment.

The system ensures prompt deactivation of accounts, preventing security vulnerabilities and optimizing license usage.

Yes, it’s adaptable to various industries including biologics, medical devices, chemical, manufacturing, food & beverages, cosmetics and more.

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