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Empower Your Workforce with AmpleLogic's Pharma LMS

Comprehensive Training Solutions for the Regulated Industries

AmpleLogic’s Learning Management System is designed for regulated industries like Lifesciences, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Gene Therapy, and Medical Devices. It prioritizes compliance and user experience, ensuring regulatory adherence, accessibility, and global scalability.

Regulatory Compliance

Fulfill FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory standards effortlessly.

Global Accessibility

Access training materials anytime, anywhere, fostering flexibility.

Enhanced Productivity

Streamline training processes, saving time and costs.


Consistent training across global locations, ensuring uniformity.

Why choose AmpleLogic LMS?

Empower your team with AmpleLogic’s LMS, offering comprehensive training solutions for regulated industries. Enjoy centralized course management, customized induction programs, on-the-job training planning, and seamless integration with third-party systems. Elevate compliance, productivity, and accessibility with a globally compliant system.

Features of
AmpleLogic LMS

Course Creation and Management

Centralize, manage, and deliver diverse training resources, supporting various formats. Integrate with Document Management Software for SOP access.

Induction Training and Employee Management

Customize orientation programs, automate job-specific training assignments for new hires, and track job role updates.

On-the-Job Training

Plan and assess on-the-job training, ensuring competence in specific job functions with competency evaluation.

User Enrollment or Self-Registration

Create, manage, and allocate users to courses based on departments. Enable self-registration for role-specific training.

Training Sessions Schedule

Plan various training sessions, reschedule if needed, and track attendance. Ensure competence with competent trainers.

Role-Based Training

Categorize training based on job roles. Automatically assign courses upon user validation, sending auto-reminders.

Assignment, Test, and Exams

Create diverse assignments and exams. Auto-assign courses based on job roles and generate complex assignments.

Test Scores, Grades, and Results

Provide test scores and marks, track overall performance, and offer insights into learner progress.

Bio-Metrics System Integration

Track attendance using biometric fingerprint technology, ensuring accurate and secure attendance.

Email Alerts, Notifications, and Escalation

Automate reminders, alerts, and notifications for upcoming training, overdue courses, and other events

Frequently Asked Questions

AmpleLogic LMS adheres to compliances using audit trails, electronic signatures, and password authentication.

Yes, AmpleLogic LMS offers global accessibility, allowing users to access the platform anytime, anywhere.

The LMS generates detailed reports, showing employee roles, training history, and overall performance.

Yes, departments can plan and assess on-the-job training with AmpleLogic LMS, ensuring competence in specific job functions.

Yes, the system seamlessly integrates with quality management systems, document management systems and other existing applications.

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