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Stay Compliant, Stay Efficient: AmpleLogic AMS - Your Calibration Solution

Optimize Operations with AmpleLogic CAPS: Precision, Compliance, Efficiency

AmpleLogic CAPS revolutionizes equipment calibration and preventive maintenance. Streamline processes with our Low Code No Code (LCNC) Platform. Benefit from robust scheduling, real-time visibility, and compliance with regulatory standards. Elevate your calibration experience with CAPS.

Efficient Calibration Management

Streamline equipment calibration effortlessly.

Intelligent Scheduling

Color-coded calendar for easy tracking.

Comprehensive Record-keeping

Automatic generation of maintenance records.

Automated Alerts and Reports

Stay informed with timely notifications.

Why choose AmpleLogic CAPS?

AmpleLogic CAPS is your trusted partner for seamless calibration and preventive maintenance. Our solution offers:


Precise calibration management for error-free processes.


Adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring quality and safety.


Streamlined workflows, reducing operational downtime.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.

Features of
AmpleLogic CAPS

Equipment Master Information

Record detailed equipment information and preventive maintenance frequencies for a comprehensive overview.

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Create, update, or reject schedules at any stage, with prominence given to schedules based on importance.

Real-time Visibility

Get full visibility with usage logs and real-time equipment status information.

Color-coded Scheduling Calendar

Identify ongoing, upcoming, and overdue calibrations easily for efficient planning.

Calibration Target Dates

Specify calibration intervals and automatically generate target dates based on user presets.

Integration with MES and eBMR

Effortlessly integrate with Manufacturing Execution Systems and Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records.

Automatic Generation of Records

Generate maintenance records, calibration dates, and activities automatically for each piece of equipment.

Calibration Completion Certificates

Print calibration tags and certificates after successful calibration.

Automated Alerts

Receive email alerts for upcoming calibrations and postponed events, aiding in proactive planning.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with global regulatory standards and electronic record requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

CAPS adheres to 21 CFR Part 11, US FDA, MHRA, WHO, and other global health authorities’ regulations.

Yes, users can specify calibration intervals (days, months, or years) based on their preferences.

AmpleLogic CAPS features a distinct process flow for discarding equipment and taking appropriate remedial action.

Yes, AmpleLogic CAPS seamlessly integrates with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records (eBMR).

AmpleLogic CAPS is beneficial for pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, CDMO, chemical, contract manufacturing, generics, general manufacturing, CRO, and food & beverages industries.

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