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Case Study of Dr. Reddys Sales Targeting

Sales targeting is the challenging task in pharma companies as they deal with 5000 – 12000 SKU’s with 1000+ field staff.

Currently, the sales targeting process is done through spreadsheets, the strategy team will consolidate the excels based on the regions and send them for approvals.

The target consolidation is delayed due to sending excel sheets through emails to each ASM/ RSM/SM/Divisional head with multiple versions.

Due to a large number of decision maker’s sales force,  it is quite tough to maintain all SKU wise.

Manually mapping of stockiest vs. HQ, change in SKU’s ID and role assigning are quite hectic tasks as well as time taking process on excel sheets which makes the dependency on excel experienced person.

Any change in excel layout or workflow will also lead to a delay in overall task completion time.


  • AmpleLogic unique Sales Planning and Targeting automation software has addressed the manual consolidation challenge with dynamic automated targets, powerful workflow, separate web-based logins, data integrity, option for dynamic sales strategy, reports (Growth & Value, Growth Vs PCPM, Value, Growth, PCPM, Headquarter wise, Vertical wise) Gating’s percentage monthly, yearly and quarterly.
  • The democratization of data helps the users with latest data & strategy changes, complete control on the sales strategy and execution of target setting, consolidated view of the amount of revenue generated across verticals, user wise, headquarter wise and SKU wise.
  • Integration with third-party apps for consolidated planning, approvals, rejections, and accurate data

Results and Benefits

  • Redefined the sales strategy.
  • Reduced the sales targeting from yearly competition guessing on the rapid sales numbers. Business users who initially hated automation loved it so much that they are coming up with new requirements integrating with IMS data.
  • KPI’s like growth percentage variance contribution is now monitored easily.
  • This paved the way for cooperative and friendly sales competition between various business users.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


10K+ employees

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In the India locations.

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35 days

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