Case Study of Sun Pharma – MIS (Management Information Sytsem)

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a multinational pharma company and one of the major players in the generic drug market at Indian and International level, having 40+ manufacturing sites spanning over 6 Continents.


    • Manually performing financial planning and reporting of their domestic & international operations on excel spreadsheets.
    • Finance team creates, distribute multiple excel sheets to hundreds of organizational depts., users complete the task and send back to them for budget consolidations, preparing financial statements and reports.
    • Uncontrolled data, version controls, currency conversion, change in format template, understanding case scenarios, no insight view of users across 70 – 100 countries.
    • Lack of workflow made difficult for them to track the status of each end user task with emails, calls and waiting for response where it delays the process.


    • Single web Excel Interface for all the users, Robust workflow, Easy to adopt or use.
    • Integration with G/L account, SAP or any legacy system for pulling the data.
    • Full control, validations on data, restriction of major information with specific set of defined users.
    • Automatic currency conversions, budget consolidations, connected templates are pre-populated with relevant information based on rows and columns.
    • Assign Scheduled reports, deadlines to users, access real-time information for analysis, monitor flow status in real time.
    • Detailed audit trail records of all end-user actions, Activity logs.


    • Excel functionality remains the same.
    • Generate global P&L reports, cash flow & fund flow statements, inventory & debtors reports, sales projection, top molecules, capex or opex report and many more.
    • Understand & analyze good & worst test case scenarios.
    • Reduce reporting cycle from 4 – 6 months to close in one day at end of the month with a single click.
    • Increased efficiency of all your business operations, reduce costs, no errors & emails, reduce manual work.