Back Order Management Automation

Backorders allow customers to place orders for items that are currently out of stock. Using the AmpleLogic Back Order Management Automation system, you can look at a list of all orders that customers wish to complete, providing you an up-to-date picture of all your items and their current delivery dates.

With AmpleLogic Back Order Management Software, you’ll have a more organized spreadsheet. Data management will become easier now that you have greater control over it.

  • You can deploy the same Excel file that you normally run on a different platform
  • Information about product demand for the month or year can be provided by the sales team
  • Data will be divided automatically based on the plant in which a product will feature
  • The team in charge of production planning has access to information based on the facilities that will handle the products
  • After the sales and planning teams have submitted their commitment and demand numbers, the plant team will be able to input the monthly supply total
  • Demand can be modified by the sales team on a month-to-month basis. The same platform is available to both the planning and production teams
  • You have complete control over how the product codes are organized and who has access to them
  • It is possible to sort products depending on the items’ names, values, and quantities
  • The technology creates a commit vs. supply and demand vs. commit variance automatically
  • The software may also keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) to see why particular items are out of stock. This may be used to look at market patterns and how demand changes over time

For a free demonstration of our backorder management software, get in touch with us today.

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