EQMS – Quality Management Software 

Life Sciences firms can only keep up with their rapid expansion, regulatory requirements, data integrity concerns, and surprise audits by using automated solutions. Pharmaceutical and biotech businesses may easily manage their QMS processes using AmpleLogic Electronic QMS Software. As a result of recurrent efforts, manual document management and tracking can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Because of this software, audits can be conducted more efficiently, and decisions may be made with greater confidence.

CAPA - Quality Management System


CAPA Management and Tracking Software is designed to fully integrate with other critical quality systems 

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Change Control - QMS

Change Control

Change Control Module is designed to maintain smooth communication and coordination in order to manage 

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Market Complaints - Pharma Web QMS

Market Complaints

Market Complaints Management Software automates the handling of complaints from initial complaint

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Audit Management Software - EQMS

Audit Management

AmpleLogic Audit Management and Scheduling Software enable the organizations to manage audit 

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Deviation Management - EQMS Solution

Deviation Management

AmpleLogic Deviation Management Software automates the manual process of handling planned 

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Vendor Qualification

Vendor Qualification

By being a web-based platform the proposal of new vendors for qualification is easy with sections 

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AmpleLogic - Out of Specification


OOS Management System automates the process of handling Out-of-Specifications for raw materials 

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Out of Trend - AmpleLogic


OOT Management Software allows the Quality Unit of an Organization to manage OOTs, from initial reporting 

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Lab Incident Reporting - AmpleLogic

Lab Incident Reporting

AmpleLogic Lab Incident Reporting module is used to automate the manual paper-based process

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A crucial component of Pharma Manufacturing Operations is quality management. Usually, this is performed manually by a key individual in the company, and the absence or neglect of this person influences the audit quality. Automation, thus, being a superior alternative, enhances efficiency and offers a better outcome on data integrity.

Our Enterprise Quality Management Solution is a COTS system that facilitates compliance and automates the whole process. There are quality criteria for the program, which provides for maximum control and transparency. The software also addresses quality concerns at their source, allowing pharmaceutical businesses to adapt and comply strictly with the rigorous requirements imposed by worldwide regulatory authorities. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration, the MHRA, and the WHO

CAPA Tracking, Change Control, Market Complaints, Deviation management, vendor qualification, audit management, OOS/OOT, document management, and training management alongside powerful automation with intelligent tracking are some of the modules found in the pre-configured Integrated Quality Management System (QMS)

Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) system minimizes the chances of quality process failures, lowers the total cost, and improves organizational compliance.

Despite these benefits, are Life sciences companies ready to make an immediate shift from manual to automated processes?

AmpleLogic has created a low code-based eQMS software based on input from Pharma businesses on their automation problems as well as their work cultures. This program provides users with a comprehensive perspective of the Quality management process. With highly flexible processes, organizations may now easily control and comply with the most stringent quality requirements (such as 21 CFR part 11, EU ANNEX 11, and cGMP).

Due to AmpleLogic’s LOW CODE Platform, organizations may experience a seamless connection between modules, reduced rework, address data reliability, and Security with 21 CFR Part 11 and other GMP compliance standards.

Features of the eQMS Software

Pharma Web QMS Software
Quality Management System Software in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry
  • For each Quality metric, such as deviations, change control, CAPA, audit management, BOM releases and specifications, stability research activities, market complaints, and real-time achievement, AmpleLogic’s Total Quality Management System (TQM) software shows dashboards. The software is automated to provide a complete solution to access, record, and generate each function’s activity. However, there is the option to carry out these processes manually.
  • It is a web-based application that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with access to a very safe centralized database and end-user access.
  • Improved process management and business communication with fewer user mistakes and no reliance on individuals
  • With automatic and programmed preemptive alerts, prompts, and escalations, you can ensure prompt authorization and closure.
  • All QMS procedures are initiated, approved, assessed, and verified online, using an electronic signature and an activity stamp.
  • Individual filtering options are available on a built-in notebook of the QMS electronic records.
  • It keeps track of workflows, processes, modules, and admin-level operations and records them in detail.
  • Communication with customers and regulatory authorities is simple and straightforward because of the built-in emailing feature.
  • Allows for simple monitoring of unit/department productivity and efficiency status through the use of KPI-driven evaluation metrics and traceability trends. This provides up-to-date graphical details such as pending work, work done, personnel responsible, and timelines in an appealing visual format.
  • An adaptable workflow, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and tailored to the customer’s procedure, is one of its key characteristics. Customizations might be made to the existing technique.
  • There are customizable triggers, email notifications, and escalation in this Pharma eQMS. A customer or regulatory authority can be notified of document evaluations and approvals based on established process stages.
  • Its adaptable QMS Architecture interacts easily with other systems such as ERP, SAP, LIMS, Legacy Systems, electronic batch record (MES), Document Management (DMS), Training Management (LMS), and others.
  • When it comes to internal and external audits, product releases, and needed modifications, the AmpleLogic Quality Management System (eQMS) Software increases the response time.
  • It can provide statistics, record and analyze trends, and provide real-time informational reports utilizing an appealing visual representation that enables rapid decision making.
  • Because it is a web-based solution, geographical that restricts distribution is eliminated.
  • The Pharma QMS Software reduces repeated administrative work by automating workflow allocation and monitoring established procedures.
  • Through web-based access, the system provides openness and detailed traceability throughout the Integrated Quality Systems.
  • Its increased CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) capabilities provides a methodical approach to inquiry, process mapping, and problem management. It can also analyze the efficiency of CAPA.

Benefits of Enterprise QMS Software in Lifesciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

  • In Life Sciences organizations, an efficient LOW-CODE Quality Management Software helps you to keep track of quality concerns across departments and makes it easy for you to address them. Duplicated or missing documents, as well as unregulated versions, are all eliminated by the eQMS Software.
  • It provides a centralized repository for quality records as well as recorded proof. This helps to keep the organization ready for assessment at all times. It also guarantees that records are retained and retrieved efficiently while conforming to retention regulations.
  • AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical QMS Software with its advanced capabilities provides data from different sources to help the quality unit and management identify a root cause among SOP changes and suggest immediate changes necessary to maintain product quality.
  • The software offers quality metrics analysis and analytic patterns that are guided by KPIs
  • Because the business process is automated via customizable procedures, manual work is reduced.
  • The low code-driven development reduces the expenses of modification and approval.
  • When combined with Learning Management Systems (LMS), our Life Sciences and Pharma QMS helps ensure that each staff member receives the necessary education and training.
  • It shortens problem resolution times and boosts executive awareness.

Our On-Premise and Cloud-Based Quality Management Software can also be used in the following industries

  • Biologics
  • Medical Devices
  • Chemical
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverages

Kindly contact us for more information about how your organization can benefit from AmpleLogic Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS)