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Chemo India Uses AmpleLogic LMS Software

Learning Management Solution Case Study

About Customer : Chemo India Formulations, a subsidiary of Spanish drug company Chemo Group, has opened its first R&D and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The company produce oral solid dosage forms, including tablets, caplets, hard gelatin capsules and pellets

Business Challenge

  • Until the implementation of the learning platform technology, the organization was solely dependent on internal and external trainers to train its large workforce. However, given the size of the organization, it was necessary to shift to a modern and sophisticated mode of learning.
  • They wanted to deliver effective training on compliance as well as external and internal standard operating processes (SOP) training and need to continually train each employee on the latest regulations governing the industry.
  • Another challenge was the presence of different job roles and departments within the organization which had diverse learning needs.
  • Trainers were spending far too much time trying to manually keep track of who completed trainings, physically distributing training assessments, manually grading them
  • Employees could not be notified of training requirements automatically through the existing LMS, so admins had to individually email every employee when training was required.
  • Course completion data could not be saved in the current LMS or accessed later for reporting purposes.
  • End users had to manually print course completion documentations and administrators had to request copies in order to keep records.
  • Administrators did not have any of the necessary training completion documentation at their disposal for auditors. Company had tracked and deployed all compliance training manually using spreadsheets, email, classrooms and instructors

The Solution – AmpleLogic GMP Training Software

  • By using the AmpleLogic LMS Platform, Chemo India was able to create, manage users, organization hierarchy, import SCORM compatible courses, certify employees, track and deliver training programs to employees across the organization location.
  • AmpleLogic’s advanced reporting features allowed them to keep track of how well trainees navigated the course and how much time they required to complete the training modules.
  • AmpleLogic Learning Management Software was made complaint with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 so that it could be seamlessly integrated with quality systems and third party applications. This LMS System created personalized learning paths after mapping employee skills as per their diverse job roles and responsibilities.
  • It creates unlimited number of user groups based on job titles, work profiles, roles, departments or locations and easily schedule and assign training requirements to specific sites or teams or user groups.
  • AmpleLogic GMP Learning Management allowed them to create an induction and orientation programs for the newly hired employees to familiarize them with proper skills and responsibilities.
  • We created different dashboards to provide real-time tracking of each activity within an LMS.
  • This LMS Software able to create and schedule new training programs, track registrations and trainee attendees, and manage course instructors entirely within the Training Management system
  • Using 21 CFR Part 11 Complaint LMS, they can define training curricula and related training requirements, including training classes, SOPs, Work Instructions and other defined topics that must be completed to satisfy each requisite for any job function or role.
  • This SOP Training Software enabled the delivery of relevant training to the employees and keeping them up-to-date with the latest SOPs and training materials.
  • AmpleLogic GMP Learning Software also supports for Instructor-LED-Training (ILT) and Virtual Classroom Trainings that made learning and development a collaborative and engaging experience to their employees.


As a result of adopting the AmpleLogic LMS Solution, Chemo India Formulations was able to allow them to track the training to understand how fast and how well the trainees were navigating and absorbing the course modules in order to refine the training programs and allowed the platform administrators to easily upload and manage the required curriculum content for the training programs, monitor course progress, and instantly access trainee reports. And now able to track all of their compliance training in one location, through one unified interface, increasing quality and control.

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