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How to choose right LMS for Compliance Training

Finding the right Learning Management Solution to either replace your traditional methods of compliance training or switch to Electronic LMS System that is crucial to meet the learning requirements of your organization. There are many different LMSs system on the market. In many cases, they provide number of similar functionalities and features that you should keep in mind before selecting a LMS for your organization compliance training needs.

Here’s a list of features to consider when choosing the right LMS for your organization compliance training

User Interface

A customizable user interface allows you to modify the appearance of the centralized location where end users can access training materials, tests and other information. Some of the learning management systems offer greater customization options than others and provide easier setup tools that require little to no programming skills. The LMS System interface should also be easy to navigate and provide flexibility for end-users to access


To make sure that your organization is using the best practices available, it’s best to use a Learning Management System that is compliant with the ‘SCORM’ standards and it is widely followed across many highly regulated industries. The SCORM compliant LMS System makes you to reuse of course content feasible and in turn improves the effectiveness of the training initiatives. This helps in saving the effort, time and money that gets spent on creating the training materials or course content.

This will ensure the right people are trained at the right time and that learners are properly assessed in their understanding and awareness of various regulatory requirements.

Group and Role Specific Trainings

Each role in a company demands a different set of skills and knowledge. Every department or role in an organization is eligible for only specific courses and training. This type of approach gives employees an understanding of what skills sets and knowledge are needed for their job to perform and where exactly they are on a training track. To make this easier, you should consider an LMS that offers the feature of categorizing courses into various groups based on job roles, department and location etc.

Furthermore, you can assign a training manager to track each group, thus adding another stream of oversight. This will help to monitor the progress of each team and align the trainings with setting up the deadlines.

Email Reminders and Escalations

When choosing an LMS System for your compliance training, make a note that the LMS that you are opting for has a feature sending auto-alerts to learners about their training deadlines or notifying trainers on a user’s completion rates etc. It is one of the significant features in the progress of your learners.

In order to ensure managers and trainers are aware of how their learners have been engaging and completing training course materials, automated alerts, notifications and escalations are a necessary LMS feature.

Tracking and Reporting

One thing that you should ensure when choosing the LMS for your organization’s training is its ability to track data and curate a report. You have to track various aspects of your online training course to ensure effectiveness and properly allocate resources. This will help you monitor training course completions and provide feedback on the areas of improvement to your employees.

When it comes to compliance training, it is best to choose a vendor that can automate this procedure to record the data at regular intervals. AmpleLogic Learning Management System helps to streamline reporting, thus allowing users to check for any issues in the initial stages of the training and mitigate the risk.

LMS platforms should give administrators the ability to generate automatic reports showing progress and different metrics of learners.


Skills and Certification tracking is one of the most important LMS features for nearly every kind of learner or user A training without any form of certification will further add to the challenges of keeping the learner engaged as well as in compliance issues. Pick an LMS that automatically generate certification to those who complete their training successfully and are up to date with all the recent regulations.

In highly regulated industries employees will need to renew their certifications often. Therefore, you need an LMS that allows you to set an expiration date and which automatically reassigns the training course after. This way, your company will be ready for an audit all the times, and you won’t risk being held liable for noncompliance

LMS integrations

Having an Learning Management Software (LMS) that seamlessly integrates with other systems like ERP, HR, Payroll systems and existing systems


Choosing the right LMS for your compliance training can be a tedious task but it is necessary to look for certain features. It is best to ponder over all the features that are required well in advance to align the investment in an LMS with your business outcomes.

To get results, you need to be smart about the way you deliver training programs and creative with your content. Using a full-featured GMP Training Software, like AmpleLogic LMS System, you can create compliance courses that effectively train employees without boring them or messing with their workflow.




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